Hall of Fame This is where previous tournament winners or those that have topped, can be posted with their decklists. Official Tournaments Here, only official Tournaments organized by the Duelists Unite team will be posted. If you want to host your own tournament using our system, contact us privately and we can schedule something. You can also use the unofficial tournament section here and schedule it via the calendar. Unofficial Tournaments Here, any player can use this area to host and organize unofficial tournaments of their choice. They can decide the rules of the tournament. This must be organized manually. However, if you wish to use our automated YGO Omega system where players are auto matched and decks are locked, please request an admin or a tournament organizer. We shall schedule your requested event at a time that doesn’t conflict with other events. Note that you wish for us to do an automated tournament with YGO Omega, we cannot do custom banlists.
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