Omega Battle Royale and Rules

Omega Battle Royale

Please remember that these are subjected to change at any point


1. All battles must be Single
2. You can use any deck you want for every different game . i.e. Deck isn’t locked.
3. All duels will be TCG and follow TCG banlist and TCG cardpool.
4. The Battle Royale timing will be 1 Hour.
i. All players will start Queue at that designated hour and the matchmaking will match them with their opponents. ( casual queue so your elo won’t affect it )
ii. Player who wins the game , wins 1 point and loser loses the BR.
iii. Loser can still come back to the BR by winning two games and If they does, they gets 1 point added to their current points before losing. from then, they will continue getting 1 points per win.
iv. After the time is over, the person with MAX points will win.
5. Banned cards:
1. VFD , ZEXAL , Buster welp , Smoke granade, Mystic mine ( subjected to change ). If you have any of these cards in duel , You will lose the BR and will be kicked out from the BR. If you continue to queue , you will suffer consequences.


Winner takes all

  1. A Massive amount of DP.
  2. A Rarity of Choice.
  3. Nitro for discord.

All participators will get 5 DP

More Info coming soon