Adamancipator Deck + Ash, Nibiru Prize! (or $50) TCG 6-5-23 Tourney!

When: 2023-07-24T02:00:00Z

Banlist: TCG

Cardpool: TCG

Starting LP: 8000

Master Rules: 5

Tournament Format: Swiss

Game Set: Match (Best out of 3)


The prize is an Adamancipator deck core with playsets of Ash and Nibiru (or $50 paypal which is about how much the deck costs plus shipping). All in NM condition and will be in protective sleeves shipped in a deck box.

Irl deck video: Tourney prize! - YouTube

Stream: Twitch

This is only the beginning! I’m planning on doing these tourneys weekly. Every week or so there will be a smaller but still nice 3 or 6 card prize! And with different formats as well, like tags, GOAT, Edison, TOSS, Draft, remote duels, etc!

Joining my Discord isn’t mandatory but encouraged. It’ll be easier to learn of upcoming tourneys there and it’s for gaming as well among other things. EBReggie Official

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