The Black Rose Cup - Community Charity Tournament 🌹

Hey everyone! I’m here to tell you about a tournament I’m hosting. I dont want to ramble too much, but The Black Rose Cup is a tournament focused on helping members of the Yugioh Community feel more welcome. I wanted it to be a safe space for women, LGBT+, NBs, POC, ppl with disabilities because I know a lot of us in those groups dont always feel the most welcome :heart: so please, feel free to join, we will welcome you with open arms. And to be clear, you don’t have to prove you’re any of these things, we aren’t gate keeping. The A in LGBTQIA could stand for Ally so just remember that too :slight_smile: this is a friendly, safe environment. There is more info about this aspect of the tournament on my discord and socials if you were curious. Now for the tournament specifics.

This is a charity tournament so all entry fees will go towards a charity, that the winner gets to pick (from an approved list)! This will be streamed so ppl can donate to have their match be a feature match. There will be giveaway raffles for ppl not able to participate, those proceeds will go towards the charity fund too. A lot of content creators donated prizes too!

Entry fee is $3 (if you absolutely cant pay this, message TracycakezZ on discord and we will figure something out)

1st Place prize:

A mat by Pvramid x Amanda LaPalme
A Team APS mat

2nd Place prize:

TCG staple card (TBA but something like Apollousa, Verte, etc)
Sonic Chick OCG Coin
Some of my DMG merch

Giveaways and Raffles:

MBT said he would donate some merch <3
Some pins/stickers from Amanda LaPalme
DMG stickers/decals/patches
Lost Art card
More TBA

Special Guest Casters:

5th Rate Duelist
Zach Butler
Potentially more

The YGO Omega team said they could give 1 week of beta access to tournament participants so they could get familiar with Omega before the tournament! AMAZING, THANK YOU AGAIN


Tournament Format - Single
Simulator - YGO Omega (windows is necessary)
Date - October 3rd @ 12 PM EST

Dueling Parameters :

Banlist - TCG
Card Pool - TCG
Duel Mode - Best of 3
Master Rule - MR5
Duel Rule - Standard TCG
Deck - One deck
Siding - Standard siding

Sign Up Link: Click Here

My Discord:

YGO Omega discord:

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