Battle City Tournament - July 16

Battle City Tournament #1

When: Sunday, July 16, 2023 8:00 PM
Banlist: Battle City 12.07.2023 (WCS 01.07.2023 + Manga Egyptian Gods / Wicked Gods / Divine Serpent Geh Limited 1, Seal of Orichalcos / Divine Evolution / Orichalcos Kyutora / Orichalcos Shunoros Limited, All Synchro, Xyz, Link, Pendulum monsters banned, OCG versions of cards will be used always in WCS)

Cardpool: All cards released in TCG and OCG (e.g. if it’s not released in either, then it’s not allowed)

Starting LP: 8000

Master Rules: 0 (Rules during 2005)

Tournament Format: Swiss

Game Set: Match (Best out of 3)

Extra Rules: Battle City Rules, No Extra Monster Zones

  1. Summoning Sickness - Special Summoned monsters cannot attack on the same turn they are Summoned. [Manga rules]
  2. When a Fusion Monster is Tributed, that monster is counted as a number of monsters equal to the number of Fusion Material Monsters that were used. (e.g. Egyptian God Slime can only be treated up to 2 Tributes not 3.)
  3. Monsters can be Normal Summoned in face-up Defense Position.
  4. When a card is sent to the Graveyard, it is sent to the controller’s Graveyard, not the owner’s.
  5. If a monster is targeted for an attack, but it leaves the field before damage calculation, the attack is canceled. There is no attack replay. [Already included in Master Rules 0]
  6. If a monster is targeted for an attack or effect, but a monster is Special Summoned to their side of the field, that monster may be chosen as the new target for the attack or effect by the controlling Player.
  7. All Spell Cards are Spell Speed 2 and can be activated as Quick-Play Spells. (e.g. A set Field Spell Card can be activated during your opponent’s Battle Phase.)
  8. When a Spell or Trap is destroyed by a card effect, it is negated even if the card that destroyed the Spell/Trap doesn’t negate its effects. (e.g. Mystical Space Typhoon can effectively negate.)
  9. Players cannot activate a Spell Card with the same original name more than once per Turn.

How to Join: Simply open YGO Omega 30 mins before the tournament starts. Then click online to go to the Lobby and click the “Event” tab and then click “Join” with a valid deck. You can always leave and join again before the tournament starts. Once it has started, your deck is locked.

Prizes: Those who defeat a Rare Hunter (Omega Staff in disguise) will earn 200 DP immediately. Don’t assume that those with Rare Hunter avatars, sleeves, or playmats are Rare Hunters. Anyone can be a Rare Hunter. The staff will not reveal themselves.

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[EDIT: Noticed the “card pool” section but it’s unclear. Can lead to headaches in the future.]
In the future, please add further clarity to the “Card pool” section. “Banlist” followed by card legality is fine and helpful, but it makes no note of what cards are excluded from the card pool, and the “Card pool” section is confusing. I suggest adding the word “both” to it to clarify that only cards shared between TCG and OCG are legal. Or simply “Cardpool: All WCS-legal cards.”
(example of why it could be confusing: Someone could easily host a tournament with the Edison card pool but the Goat banlist. It’s highly unlikely, but technically possible. Another example would be someone using the 2007 ban list but with the 2006 card pool.)

This can cause confusion, and it is always a good idea to make things as clear as possible so there are no headaches the day of the event.

Thank you.