Code Of Conduct for battle royale

Time Stalling

There is a clear difference thinking and timestalling and both players knows in a duel.

What to do if opponent time stalls:

Ping event orgs and tell them.

What will happen to time stallers:

  • 1st verified attempt = warning and kick from server ( i.e. losing duel instantly)
  • 2nd verified attempt = ban from server for 1 hour + DQ from battle royal and rewards.

Using false screenshots

all duel data are recorded on our end so if someone caught doing this, they will be banned from tourney.

Intentionally trying to keep the duel hostage

^ see time stalling

Grifing about result and other players

  • You are free to do so without personally attacking someone but you must stop if the other person says they are not feeling comfortable.

Claiming reward

We will reward the top player ourselves and for the others, they will get the reward through their google form submission. ( If your discord id is wrong, you might not receive reward in that case, contact one of the orgs )

Duel which started but didn’t end after 1 hour deadline

They can continue playing the duel up to 5mins at max. After that, the duel wont be counted.

Intentionally losing

feel free :wink:

Bragging about wins

^ same as above

Konami just dropped ban list ?

We will use the effective ban list in Omega TCG duels.

Duel settings

Everyone must use default settings for omega and singles. If your opponent tempered with settings, please report to us.


  1. warning
  2. kick from server
  3. ban from server for 1 hour and DQ from tourney.

How to submit results after every game.

submitting result is very easy.

take a screenshot before you are about to kill your opponent and take another screenshot of your victory screen and send them to Axieal#0001 or Ph4ntom_#3965

Thanks and enjoy tourny <3