NekoGaming's Tournament Series: The Founders Cup

Calling all duelists!

We’re incredibly excited to be announcing the first of the NekoGaming Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament series - The Founders Cup! The Founders Cup is intended to be a trial cup to gauge interest for this tournament series. With your participation we hope to bring you many more events beyond this first cup :smiley:

Key Information
Date - 30th January, 18:00 GMT/ 13:00 EST.
Simulator - Yu-Gi-Oh Omega Simulator
Format - Singles. Best of 3s up until the semifinals after which games are best of 5s
Entry Fee - €5
Banlist - Latest Official Banlist

The tournament will be streamed live on Twitch at NekoGamingTV: Twitch

The prizes on offer will depend on the number of entrants. The prizes we intend to provide are detailed below.

!!! Important !!! - We cannot guarantee free shipping to entrants outside the European Union. If you live outside the EU there may be additional shipping fees. If you live outside the EU contact our mod team and we will try our best to get you your prizes in the easiest way possible.

8< Players

  • 1st - A Playmat worth 20€
  • 2nd - 10€ Cardmarket Gift Card
  • 3rd - 5€ Cardmarket Gift Card

16< Players

  • 1st - A Playmat worth 20€ + 10€ Staple Card
  • 2nd - 15€ Cardmarket Gift Card
  • 3rd - 10€ Cardmarket Gift Card

How to Apply

Entries are open until the 27th of January. To apply, contact Sinar#1414 on Discord providing your name and an image or written list of your decklist.

Remember that by entering this tournament you give us permission to livestream your gameplay during the tournament!

Once your decklist and entry fee is confirmed you will be invited to the NekoGaming discord server. Further information will be provided there, including our tournament schedule.

Our moderators will be happy to help you with any additional enquiries or difficulties you might have. If something unexpected comes up and you need to cancel, please contact our team ASAP. We can’t guarantee a refund of your entry fee but will try to do so if possible.
Also, we will be conducting interviews with players before and after each game, so if you’re open to being interviewed please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Looking Ahead
Our hopes for the Founders Cup is to foster a community of like-minded duelists of all skill levels with an interest in competitive online play. Since this is the first of what we hope to be many events, there may be a few technical hiccups along the way- if this happens we may have to ask you to bear with us for a short time! If it all goes without a hitch we’ll definitely be looking to hold more of these in the future, and potentially other kinds of special events… for more info on that, watch this space!

To sign off, we wish you happy dueling and hope to see you on our discord server soon!

  • The NekoGaming Discord Team

Discord Server: Our Discord