2nd Annual Halloween Tournament


We want to test the tournament system during Halloween, so why not?


Tournament Type: Swiss
Banlist: WCS (means legal in both TCG and OCG)
Card Pool: All
Round Timer: 40 mins
Duel Mode: Match
Date: Sunday 30/10/2022
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 pm EST
Or for you locally: 2022-10-31T01:00:00Z 2022-10-31T03:00:00Z


  1. Must have at least 15 Zombie or Fiend monsters in the main deck total. Example: 11 Fiend and 6 Zombie monsters in the main deck qualifies.
  2. To make this easier, we went with WCS Banlist. This means your deck is legal in both TCG and OCG. The combined world’s banlist addresses most cards like mystic mine, zeus, and dragoon. This allows for easy deck checking by the client.
  3. Main Deck must always meet requirements even after siding. (We will code the client for this too).


  • 1st place gets 500DP
  • 2nd place gets 250DP
  • One random person gets 50DP


1. Open YGO Omega and click Online.
2. You will see a red star next to the Event tab in the lobby. Click it
3. Click Join with a valid deck. (You can join even 1 sec before start time!).
4. That’s it!

Remember that all this is automatic. The decks and all these rules are checked automatically so you cannot cheat even if you wanted to.