Dorm Wars

Finished Wars All Active Wars that are finished will be moved here. Free Agent Don’t have a team? This is the place to be. Make a topic stating you are looking for a team. Ways to get recruited: Teams This category will have a list of verified teams. Only Team Leaders should create topics here. Do not post until you have at least 3 members. Each topic hence, should have the name of the team. The first post in each topic should list the team members. Teams can be no more than 15 people and a minimum of 3. List the Discord names with the ids. War Declaration Team Leaders can challenge another verified team name here. Once the opposing team has accepted the challenge, a War Adjudicator will move the topic to Active Wars at the scheduled time of war. Active Wars Challenges that have been approved from the “War Declaration” category will be moved here. An active war should have the team leaders of both respective teams report the final score and result of the war.
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