Free Agent: Kaiser

Describe yourself and your past experience with Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yu-Gi-Oh was an escape from troubles for me. Love how I started off on Kik doing clan wars and when it all went downhill I migrated to discord and started doing things more on my own.

What decks do you play?

Infernoids, Generaiders, and Tribrigade Fire Fists

Have you competed in tournaments in real life or online?
Yes. I’ve participated in tournaments and clan wars years ago over Kik. Haven’t played much until now since then.

Have you done wars before?


What times are you available to play? Are you active?

I’m free Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Otherwise late nights or early mornings.

Are you looking for anything specific in a team? Playstyle?

Not much just communication to be honest.


What’s Kik?

It’s an old messaging app that use to be good for clan wars from 2012-2017 then everyone started going to college including myself and it started slowly dying.

Oh I thought most of the players used DNF (Dueling Network Forums), to do wars. Then later, they started a war server on discord. Today, they are doing wars on the DB forums. In all cases though, it’s heavily manual.

kik was oldest version of onlyfans + whatsapp

Basically this in a nutshell lol.