About Dorms

What Are Dorms?

On DU discord you can join 1 of 4 dorms: Tidal, Redox, Blaster and Tempest.
To join you use !sorting_hat command on a channel that TiredBot got access to.
You will be sorted into a random dorm, if you wish to leave it you can use !leave_dorm command, but only after 1 week of joining.

Every now and then there will be dorm activities in which dorms will compete against one another to gain points, these points will be converted into DP at the end of the season (once every 2 banlists).


  • Be nice to members in your dorm and outside of it, a little teasing is fine but try not to cross the line.

  • Help your dorm members, their success is your success, if they lost try to help them figure out why and how they can improve.

  • Before events it could be a good idea to discuss each other’s decks, maybe there is a spicy tech card your friend could use to surprise the other dorms.

  • Be active! help your dorm gain points, even if you lose you could get a small amount just for participating.

  • Have fun! the dorms were meant to create a new experience for yu gi oh players, make the most of it.