Free Agent : Agent p's tool belt

  1. Describe yourself and your past experience with the Yu-Gi-Oh card game.
    OCG player but I play TCG too. Started playing when my friend forced me to buy the Monarch Structure.
    Now a days its my main Hobby and i play mostly on budget.(Dont like the play style of Meta decks anyway)
    have gone to locals for about 3 years but i never won. still determined to do so.
  2. What decks do you play?
    Prank-kids, Plunder Patroll, marincess, Code-talker, crusadia, Mekk-knight, and Unchained. (Mostly if not all rogue)
  3. Have you done wars before?
    Don’t even know what this is. Curiosity got the best of me.
  4. What times are you available to play? Time Zone?
    I live in Japan. So -14 hour diff with EST (I live in the Future)
  5. Are you looking for anything specific in a team? Playstyle?
    Once more dont even know what this is.
  6. Why should a team pick you?
    I’m asian. Everyone hears Boss music when they see “最強遊戯者” entering the duel.