YGO Omega Guide

I. Installation

A. Installing the Game

  1. Make sure you have the discord installed and running (desktop client).
  2. Go to Release Latest · duelists-unite/omega-releases · GitHub (These links will always have the latest release).
  3. The Omega Launcher is all you need to install the entire game, but sometimes users may want to use the installer since it adds firewall exceptions and checks to see if you are lacking any updates and installs those too. The installer would also allow you to uninstall from control panel.

For a more detailed guide on Installation and/or Troubleshooting, go here.

B. Going Online

  1. Once you launch the game for the first time, let it update. This will take a lot of time because there are a lot of files to download. It’s around 2.9 GB (smaller than Duel Links).
  2. From the main menu, click Online. This will prompt you to allow discord to authorize YGO Omega.
  3. If you get a blank screen with the background or get disconnected from server, we need to check a few things:
    1. The installer creates exceptions for WINDOWS firewall only. If you use a third party antivirus/firewall, you will need to add exceptions for YGO Omega in order to get online.
    2. Make sure that the discord authorization was done. If you did not get the prompt or you denied the prompt, you will not be able to get online. To make sure, close Omega AND Discord, then launch Discord first then launch Omega. Try to go online again and make sure to grant the authorization when asked.
    3. Lastly, if you have done these things and are still not able to get past the blank screen, check with the person who gave you beta access to make sure you are enabled to play online.

II. Settings

A. Keybind

Click on the button you want to change and then press the key/mouse to change it. We recommend setting RMB (Right Mouse Button) for No and Close to easily close things fast.

  • Press “Enter” to open chat and type. Use T to open chat and talk. Enter can’t be used because it is globally defined as other things and can create misclicks.
  • "C" to toggle the display pic of the card
  • Click on any card or hover and press "Z" to zoom and read it. Alternatively, you can click+hold.

B. Graphics

Static Background

Toggle between a static (jpg/png) background an animated background (mp4). Static will consume less CPU/RAM.

Show Hologram

Toggle between monster holograms that appear over the card on field.

Full Screen

Toggle Full Screen. (We recommend this to be enabled).


Supports 16:9 resolutions only. Pick the highest one that your monitor can support.

FPS Limit

Do not exceed 60 FPS unless your hardware can handle it. Unless your monitor can support a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz, it’s not going to show you any difference. We suggest to avoid auto or unlimited.

Hologram Scale

You can move this slider to increase/decrease the size of the holograms that appear on the field. It's a scale from 0 to 1 where 1 is 100%. By default, it is set to 0.6.

C. Gameplay


Hold Chain

If this is enabled, then you have to press and hold the key to switch between No Chain and All Chain. That is, during the gameplay, one can press and hold 'S' to switch to No Chain. Then, upon release, it will snap back to "Auto Chain".

Level in Hand

This shows the Level stars at the bottom of each card in your hand so that the player doesn't have to count them.



There are 4 camera views. You can change the view at any time during the duel. The default uses the full screen width of the field.

Modern View

Uses the full screen width for the field. The display pic when toggled will overlap the left side.

Modern Fit

This is similar to the ygopro view where 1/3 of the screen width is used for the display pic. This allows the display pic not to be shown without overlap. (This view is currently not available but may be available again in the future).


This is the 2D topdown view but where stacks of cards will have depth to it.

Stream View

This is the same thing but cards have no depth, so piles of cards (decks), will appear flat from top-down view. Look closely at main deck area to see the difference. This is just a zoomed out version of Modern View that allows one to see more of the environment around the field.



This toggles animations for summoning and attacking. Turning this off or on does not affect gameplay speed because all animations are async (meaning they do not pause the game to play).

E. Card


Card Layout

  • Standard (left) is how the cards look in real life
  • Rush (middle) can change all cards to Rush style. However, only Rush cards will show "Rush Duel" at the bottom to distinguish them from non-Rush cards.
  • Anime style (right)

Card Font Size

The default font size is 27 to match with real life cards. If you want to fit more text inside the box, you can reduce the font size. Remember that you can also zoom the card. If the text does not fit inside the card, you can click on the card to scroll to next page.

F. Social



  • Everyone means you can chat with all players, spectators and duelists
  • Duelists Only means you chat with only duelists.
  • Muted means you don't chat with anyone.

Join Invite

  • When other players invite you through discord to join their duel. "Ask" means a prompt will appear in the game asking you whether you want to join their duel. "Deny" means no prompt will appear.

Join Request

  • When a player requests to join a duel you have already hosted through discord. If you pick "Allow", it means you will always allow them to join. If "Ask", then a prompt will appear in the game asking you whether you can or not. "Deny" means no prompt will appear in the game.

G. Sound


BGM - Music
SFX - Sound Effects
Mute - If enabled, turns off all sound

H. Other


There are 9 different languages including English. This changes not just the interface, but also the card text.

Replay Sharing

If enabled, it allows other players to see all cards in your hand and deck when viewing the replay. If disabled, other players cannot steal your deck from the replay or view cards in hand, deck, or field unless they have been revealed in the duel.

Update Server

This is the server where the game downloads updates from. In the future, there may be another server where you can enter to download updates from. Don't change it unless you know what server.

Game Server

This is the server where the dueling happens. It will usually always be horizon.cf but in the future we may announce new servers.

Clear cache

This clears the cache for synced custom cards. That is, in manual mode, one can sync their custom card database with the opponent. This allows one to use custom cards. Hence, pressing this button clears that.

III. Deck

A. Deck Manager


Selecting a deck and then clicking edit will enter the Deck Editor for that deck. Alternatively, one can double-click.


Click a deck and click rename to rename it. You can alternatively rename the deck inside the deck editor too.


Select a deck and press delete to delete.


Select a deck to set as your default deck. The default deck is also the deck you will be using when you are on ranked queue.


Select a deck to copy a clone of it. This is useful when you want to make different versions of the same deck that vary by a few cards.


Select a deck and click Export to get its deck code copied to clipboard. Instead of dealing with files like ydk, we use deck codes which can easily be shared with other players.


Before clicking this button, copy the deck code or file path to a ydk or folder of ydks. On Windows, you can hold SHIFT and right click on any folder to copy file path. If you copy a file path to a folder of ydks, and then click Import, it will import all decks. You can also import a csv file.
If the clipboard does not contains a valid path, a file select dialog will open instead.


Select a deck and click Recipe to view the deck list in text format before opening it. This is a quick way to get the deck list for any deck. Right-clicking on the deck list will also copy it to clipboard where you can post it anywhere else for other players to use.

Delete All

Be very careful pressing this button. A confirmation prompt will appear asking if you want to "Delete all entries". This means deleting all decks on all pages!

Export All

You can export all your decks into a csv file that is saved in in your "Exports" folder located in C:\Users%user%\AppData\LocalLow\Duelists Unite\YGO Omega (also accessible by clicking the customize button in Settings)


This is a cool feature which allows you to put custom tags for each deck. For example, "TCG"; "Casual"; "Goat", etc. Use semicolons to separate the tags. You can then search and filter your decks by the tags you chose. The tags will appear beneath the deck name in italicized. There is no limit to the number of tags you can have. Tags must be a single word.

B. Deck Editor

Adding/Removing cards

  • Double-click on any card in trunk to add to main or extra deck.
  • Click+hold on any card in trunk to add to side deck.
  • Click+hold on any card in main deck to add another copy of it.
  • Double-click on any card in main, side, or extra deck to remove it.
  • Hold CTRL while moving mouse across screen to lock the display pic. (This helps if you want to read the current card but not want to accidentally hover over a new card.)
  • side note: you can right click a card’s name, text or password to copy them to the clipboard.

Search & Filter

  • You can search by card name, card texts, card number (the 8-digit number at the bottom left of the card), or set id (ETCO, DUOV, etc.).
  • You can also search using regex which allows you to use boolean. Note that when you search using regex, the game may appear to lag or is frozen but just be patient, it'll take up to 5 secs and show the results.
    • OR: one|two|three matches a complete line of text that contains any of the words "one", "two" or "three". For example, typing "banish|destroy" without quotes searches for all cards with banish or destroy in card text. The | is a divider and means OR. If you want to do more than just a single word, you can do (remove from play)|(banish).
    • AND: (?=.*one)(?=.*two)(?=.*three) matches a complete line of text that contains all of the words "one", "two" and "three".
  • When Filtering, click on the filter icon that looks like a funnel filtering cards.

  • Each category of filter will expand/collapse.
    • Card Type, Card Pool, and Limitation are the 3 primary categories.
    • Do not confuse Limitation (banned, limited, semi-limited, etc.) with Card Pool.
    • Card Pool are the cards allowed in a format (OCG cards not allowed in TCG)
    • Illegal cards are not allowed in TCG or OCG (match winners, speed spells, skill cards, rush cards, etc.)

  • You can change the banlist in the dropdown box shown above. This will show what cards are limited/forbidden in your deck. It does not filter the trunk. To filter cards in trunk, use the Limitation category.
  • To change the deck thumbnail, click on the thumbnail and then click on any card in deck.


  • To change rarity of a card in your deck, simply click on one of the 8 boxes shown above and then click on the card. This changes all copies of that card to the same rarity. You cannot have individual copies of the same card as different rarities. You can earn more rarities through prizes in events or ranking up.
  • C=Common, R=Rare, SR=Super Rare, UR=Ultra Rare, ScR=Secret Rare, Ult=Ultimate Rare, PR=Prismatic Rare, Gst=Ghost Rare


  • To favorite cards you can click on the star above the display pic. Then you can filter all favorites by selecting "Favorites" under the Card Pool category.

IV. Lobby

A. Arena

In the Arena, you can choose "Casual" or "Ranked". In each tab, you can select the format (WCS, TCG, OCG, or DL). In addition, you can select Singles or Match. Once selected, press "Join Queue" to enter the auto matchmaking process. The Player will be matched to another player according to the Elo rating. By default, all ranked duels are matches.

The Player's rank will be affected by the result of a game loss/win/draw in ranked. All players start with in the Bronze class with an Elo rating of 1000. The ranking classes are as follows:

  • Bronze: 0 - 1399
  • Silver: 1400 - 1749
  • Gold: 1750 - 2049
  • Platinum: 2050 - 2299
  • Diamond: 2300 - 2499
  • Master: 2500 or higher

Each new class reached unlocks a new rarity which can be used to assign cards in the deck editor.

B. Host

Card Pool

The card pool is the same as the one used in the deck edit filters. TCG are cards legal in the TCG (excludes OCG only cards). OCG cards are legal in OCG (excludes TCG). WCS are cards available in both TCG and OCG. DL is the cards available in the game, Duel Links. All means all cards are allowed.


You can pick any banlist here. The official ones will include TCG, OCG, WCS, DL. The Generation banlists also exist that filter by generation (DM, GX, 5Ds, Zexal, Arc-V). Remember to wisely choose the banlist appropriate with the Card Pool (i.e. TCG banlist with TCG Card pool).

Duel Mode

Options are Single, Match, or Tag. Match is always best out of 3. Tag is 2 vs 2, but we will support 1 vs 3 and 1 vs 2 in the future. Note that tag duels use the OCG rules where players in a team share the field. Manual TCG tag may be possible in the future.

Master Rule

The Master Rules available are 1-5, and follow the rulings according to Konami at the time. There is no Master Rule 0 available (Goat Format). There is no automatic simulator that can support Goat Format currently. If there rulings not supported by the current master rules, we recommend you use manual mode. MR3 will support first turn draw, 1 field spell, and separate pendulum zones. The field will change accordingly.

Duel Rule

  • Master Duel : This is the official duel rule used in the real game using Master Rules.
  • Speed Duel : You can put up to 1 skill card in a deck. Main Deck (20-30), Side Deck (0-5), Extra Deck (0-5). You can find all Skill cards by selecting Skill card from the Card Type filter in the deck editor.
  • Action Duel: Put at least 1 Field Spell card in the deck in addition to your normal cards. Main Deck (40-60). When the duel starts, you can select a field spell from your deck to become the action field spell. Do NOT put action cards in the deck. These are generated automatically during the duel. You can only have 1 action card in hand/field at any time. Each phase of every turn, you will be asked whether to add an action card. A 6-sided dice will be rolled and depending on the result, an action card may be added to your hand, the opponent's hand, neither player, or a re-roll. Action cards will have a unique card back with the letter "A" on it.
  • Turbo Duel: Speed Spells are allowed. If you want to play a duel where non-Speed Spells can be used without penalty, then use Speed World Neo. Note that Pendulum cards are also spells.
  • Dimension Duel: Each time you summon a monster, you can select its battle position which includes face-up defense position. Then, you may select its ATK/DEF from 0 to its original ATK/DEF. Players can only take battle damage based on the ATK/DEF value of the monster destroyed on their field. Unlike Duelist Kingdom, direct attacks are allowed.
  • Boss Duel : For Boss Duel, the host of the duel becomes the Boss. Their deck is ignored and replaced by a Boss Deck. At the start of the Duel, the player will be asked to pick from four bosses (Z-ONE, Nightshroud, Pegasus, or Don Thousand). This is normally played in 1 vs 3 but currently will be a 1 vs 1.
  • Sealed Duel : Both Player's decks will be auto-generated. It will open 10 battle packs, each consisting of 5 cards, giving the player a total of 50 cards. A mulligan is offered at the start of the duel. All monsters are treated as all Types.
  • Booster Draft : Same as Sealed Duel, but instead of battle packs, this generates a deck from all TCG Booster packs.
  • Duelist Kingdom : Players can summon monsters in face-up Defense Position. Player's can't attack directly. If at the end of a player's turn, they have no monsters on their side of the field and they didn't summon any monsters during their turn; then they lose the duel. Special Summoned monsters from the Extra Deck have Summoning Sickness (can't attack during the turn they are summoned).
  • Command Duel : Each turn, a random command card is activated. This is a normal spell card which will have an effect that is mandatory and both players have to do.
  • Concentration Duel : Each turn, a player declares Monster, Spell, or Trap. They select any card from their deck face-down and if it is the card type they declared, then it is activated if the activation conditions are met.
  • Double Deck : When picking this duel rule, the player must select two decks that add up to exactly 100 cards in Main Deck. Hence, when going to the deck selector, first click on the 1st deck and then click on the 2nd deck. If after clicking on the first deck, you see a red X on all other decks, it means there are no other decks that after combining with the 1st deck, will add to 100.
  • Rush Duel : Construct a deck with legal cards in the Rush Duel format. Player's can search for all Rush cards by selecting it from the Card Pool filter.
  • Destiny Draw : This is just like a regular Master Duel, except the player will have the option to Destiny Draw. The conditions for Destiny Draw is that the player's LP must be at least half their original LP or lower. In addition they cannot control any monster with ATK higher than their opponent's.
  • Puzzle: This is currently not functional. It will be added later. However, once you pick Puzzle from the Duel Rule, then you can choose the puzzle from the same area where you would pick the AI deck in the room screen. Puzzles require you to win during your turn given a specific situation.
  • Manual: Manual duels can only be done with other human players. Players can move any card from anywhere to anywhere on their side of the field. A card log is generated for each action. Use the log to keep track of what moves either player has done. You can invite others to spectate the duel including judges from discord. You should communicate with your player to tell them what effects you're activating and when just like in real life. Commands can be typed in the chat:
    • /draw x|-x will draw x cards from the top|bottom of the main deck

    • /move|rmove|movefd|rmovefd x|-x b|g|d|e|h b|g|d|e|h [b]
      rmove=random cards are moved
      movefd=face-down cards are moved
      x=amount of cards (if x is negative its x from bottom)
      b=banish zone, g=graveyard, d=main deck, e=extra deck, h=hand
      the first location is from second is to
      b=bottom (optional. It puts it at bottom of destination, default is top)

       e.g. Move 5 cards from main deck to banish zone face-down:
       `/movefd 5 d b` 
    • /shuffle d|h|e will shuffle the deck, hand or extra. Default is deck

    • /coin x flips a coin x times

    • /dice x throws a dice x times

    • /rps will start a rock/paper/scissors with opponent

Custom Properties

This is self-explanatory. Note that the timer is the number of seconds each player in idle (while thinking and doing nothing). While a player is activating/summoning cards, the time is paused. This allows a player to have an infinite amount of time as long as they are active (not idle).

C. Search/Filter Lobby

One can filter all the games in the lobby by the game properties shown above. You can also filter games by "Full/Playing". At default, the lobby shows all games. If you click on "Full/Playing", the lock icon will change to locked, restricting only games that are playing. In addition, one can filter "Custom" games. If enabled, it will show only "Custom" games.

V. Room (Versus) Screen

A. AI Management

  • Choose the AI deck by clicking on "Add Bot". You can click on the dropdown to select the AI deck or leave as "Random". You can also choose the AI's rps.

B. Join / Spectate

  • Once you click the Ready button, it will change color, indicating your deck is valid and you are ready.
  • If your deck is not valid, it will show a message saying what's not valid (banlist, etc.)
  • The host player can click on a player's name to kick them.
  • If you want to spectate, then simply click on the "eye" icon to change to a spectator. (You cannot click it while Ready).
  • You can invite others to join your duel via discord. Just make sure your game activity is turned on and then simply click on the plus sign when you send a message on discord.

VI. Gameplay

A. Chaining

No Chain

  • The game will never ask you whether you want to chain or activate a card.
  • By default, you can toggle this by pressing 'S' on keyboard. If "Hold Chain" is on then you have to keep holding 'S' to keep it on this.
  • Use this setting when you don't want to be prompted to activate effects.

Always Chain

  • The game will always ask you whether you want to chain or activate a card at every available opportunity.
  • The game even supports bluff, which means even when you don't have anything that can be activated, the game will show a prompt and say, "No cards can be activated at this time. Check the field?". This will occur during opponent's turn if you enable Always Chain and have nothing that can be activated.
  • By default, you can toggle this by pressing 'A' on keyboard. If "Hold Chain" is on, then you have to keep holding 'A' to maintain this chain setting. When you let go, it would snap back to 'Auto Chain'.

Auto Chain

  • This is by default the enabled setting. The game will asks you whether you want to activate a card in MP1, BP, and MP2. It will usually not ask for DP, SP, and EP.

B. End of Duel


  • If both players click rematch, the duel will restart with the same game properties without having to rehost.

Save Replay

  • Clicking this, you can save the replay and view it from replay in main menu.

Room Screen

  • Clicking this will take you back to the room screen where you can change your deck.

Check Field

  • Clicking this allows you to check the field, graveyard, banish, etc. Click "Finish" when done.


  • Clicking this will return to the lobby.

C. Quick Tips

  • Use the "C" key to toggle the display pic or click+hold on any card to zoom and read it. There are many different ways to read cards. The default font size of card text is the same as in real life. In real life, players pick up cards to read it, they don't have a separate book of written card text in a higher font for each card.
  • Switch your camera views appropriately in Settings.
  • Hold CTRL while moving mouse if you don't want to update the display pic.
  • If you want to go back and read a card that was revealed at a previous point, use the card log. The card log is a tab that can be found in the chat box. You can click on any card name in the log to show the card.
  • Remember when you select monster materials for anything be it Synchro, Xyz, Link, etc., you have to click the "Finish" button that appears in the top right corner. This is there because it allows players to cancel or unselect.
  • Click on your main deck to show the white flag for "Surrender".
  • You can press ESC as a global back key.
  • You can open any number of card lists at the same time. For example, you can view your opponent's graveyard and your graveyard at the same time without having to close one window before opening another.

VII. Customization

Customizing your Omega is actually fast and simple. Below I will show you how to customize a card sleeve for your deck, you can also customize the different backgrounds to ones you prefer as well by putting the correct file in the right folder. I shall point out where this is further down the tutorial. But for now, let's get started.

What are the dimensions?

To get the best picture from your image, you will need to resize your image to the correct dimensions for the image you are intending to change. Below are the dimensions for card sleeves and backgrounds:

Card Sleeves: 271 px (w) x 395 px (h) (.jpg)

Playmats: 1485 px(w) x 785 px (h) (.jpg)

Backgrounds: 1920px (w) x 1080px (h) (.jpg / .png)

(.jpg will generally be smaller files and will therefore load faster, though png will be better quality)

Where can I find the folder?

In your Omega Startup, you will see an option for Settings.

Once in settings, click the icon on the top right of the screen:

This should then open a folder on your computer. In this folder, will be a list of folders like so:

This should be in your folder path: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Duelists Unite\YGO Omega

In these folders, is where you will put the different images to change the appearance of your game client. The main ones you will use will be Backgrounds and Sleeves.

To assign a sleeve for your deck, you will need to name the sleeve image file with the same name as your deck. For example, if your deck is called Aroma then your image file will also need to be called Aroma.

If a deck does not have a specified sleeve, it will choose a random sleeve from the folder instead.

( WARNING: Your sleeves will be shared with your opponent, do not put anything on a sleeve that is not PG-13 safe).

IMPORTANT: Unlike background textures, at the time of this writing, Sleeves will only show when connected online. If you connect online and then use the deck editor, you will be able to see your card sleeves by using the turn card button.

VIII. Syncing across Platforms

  • If you want to play with Omega on multiple computers, you might want to be able to sync your customizations to your other computers. Currently this does not happen automatically but there are programs that can achieve this as a workaround.
  • The program we will be using is called RESILIO SYNC.

A. Setup

  • To get started, we need to download Resilio Sync. All we need is the free version for personal use.
  • You can download it from HERE. Just click the orange FREE DOWNLOAD button.
  • Once it's downloaded, go ahead and run it. Choose the options you want. There are no additional programs that try to install, which is nice. I would NOT recommend checking the option to install the program as a service as it makes customizing and setting this up harder.

B. Initial Configuration

  • Now that the setup is complete, let's open Resilio Sync.
  • It will look similar to this, just with no folders:
  • To add the folder we need, click on the + in the top left corner.
  • Click Standard Folder.
  • Now we need to navigate to the folder where the YGO Omega customizations are saved. To get to this folder, go to the address bar at the top of the box that comes up and type: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow as shown here and hit ENTER on your keyboard:
  • Double click the Duelists Unite folder to go into it.
  • SINGLE click the YGO Omega folder and click Select Folder at the bottom.
  • The next box that comes up will be how you can share this folder with another computer. Make sure your settings for this match the screenshot below:
  • The EASIEST way to be able to get this link on your other computer is to use the Email option and simply email yourself this link. That will bring up your default mail program. If you use something like gmail, yahoo, etc and use webmail, click the Copy option to copy the link. Then just email it to yourself.

C. Setting Up Other Devices

  • From your email where you have the link that you just sent yourself in Step 2, follow it. It will take you to the website for Resilio to have you download and install the program. Make sure you install it the same way you did in Step A of this section.
  • The website will then give you an orange button to sync your folder. If you went ahead and installed Resilio yourself before clicking the link, then it will just ask you if its okay to open the link in Resilio which you will want to allow.
  • You will then see this box come up in Resilio:
  • The Save to location will not be the correct folder so you will need to change this. Make sure that it is the SAME location that the YGO Omega files are on the computer we are setting up now. It should look very similar to how mine looks in the screenshot.
  • Click Connect.
  • On your main computer where you started this, you will see a box saying you requested access to share. Make sure you allow this.
  • That's it! You have now finished setting up Resilio Sync for your YGO Omega customizations. Your sleeves, decks, replays, deck thumbnails, etc will now sync between your devices!