FAQ - YGO Omega

Q1: Can I get some help with installation?

A1: You can look at this guide first: https://forum.duelistsunite.org/t/installation-and-troubleshooting-guide/3802 If you still need assistance, reach out in the #tech-support channel on Discord.

Q2: How do I do bla in YGO Omega?

A2: I recommend watching this video [to be done] for a full explanation or read the guide here: https://forum.duelistsunite.org/t/ygo-omega-guide/519

Q3: How can I donate or contribute to your project?

A3: Anything helps the lead developer and the team. Things like hardware for the server, Unity assets, etc. Those who donate get a donator role on discord and VIP status in the game when it will be released. VIP enables card sleeves and 1 of each rarity. You can also talk to the lead developer directly if you have any feature requests. You can send paypal to PayPal.Me. A donation is a choice you make. There’s no minimum. However, we do recommend $5 USD at least for perks like VIP and beta access. Remember to tell us your discord name#tag in the message so we can enable your VIP and donator role. Thank you.

Q4: I don’t care about those fancy shiny summon animations or anything visual. I only care about smooth gameplay and speed. I would rather play on cardboard.

A4: We understand this and that’s why our focus is primarily on the gameplay. The game speed is dependent on your ping to the server. It only depends on how fast your computer sends a message to the server and back which is in ms. The animation speed doesn’t affect this. None of these animations pause or delay the gameplay. That means the game doesn’t stop to play the animation. The gameplay is async (animations are not synchronized with gameplay).

You can literally have a ygopro player connect with and duel against a ygopro2 player that has all their animations on and the ygopro player will notice no lag during their opponent’s turn. This can be timed and compared. The animations are spawned on the monster zone so they also don’t cover the field. We have already considered minimalism in our design as we don’t want a repeat of ygopro2. We have looked at other modern digital card games like LOTD, Duel Links, Hearthstone and MTG Arena as well. In other games like Duel Links or Legacy of the Duelist, the gameplay stops to play the animation before you can proceed. This is not the case here. Even with that said, animations and holograms can be turned off from the settings.

However, remember that this is a Unity game. All Unity games come with an engine. That is why any Unity game including MTG Arena, Duel Links, etc. have loading screens. Ygopro has no loading screen and is instant as soon as you click the button. It’s difference between Paint vs Photoshop or Notepad vs MS Word. Multi-million dollar companies cannot remove the loading screen because the loading screen clears objects from memory and loads new objects to the scene.

With that said, if a simple flat design with no animations or graphics is needed, try 2d view. If you need something even more simple, it’s better to stick to Dueling Book or ygopro or even more simple, real life where you will not have any graphics or animations.

Q5: Does your game have TCG rulings?

A5: YGO Omega supports both TCG and OCG confirmed rulings. There is a lot of misinformation regarding “TCG rulings”. The answer to the question of how a card works in the TCG is – “Ask your local head judge”. This is the consensus among TCG. We have even emailed the head offices of NA or EU and asked head judges, to confirm that this is their answer as well. In general, PSCT was created in the TCG to circumvent the need for a database of individual rulings but sometimes the answer is different between NA and EU for the same card text. Hence, TCG rulings can vary between judges and regions. In programming a game, a system of logic is followed which requires consistent rules. There is no documented source for TCG rulings. All official Konami simulators use OCG rulings. The World Championship also uses OCG rulings. TCG rulings have changed to reflect the OCG as evidenced here: (Rulings at the World Championship | Duelist Codex). To learn more about the differences between TCG and OCG, read here: https://forum.duelistsunite.org/t/tcg-vs-ocg-rulings-the-story-so-far/97/1

Then are TCG cards whose printed card text differs from the OCG. An example is Gandora-X which states “original ATK” in the TCG and “current ATK” in the OCG. Hence, for YGO Omega, we will only script TCG cards separately if the literal card text is a different effect than OCG. If a game is hosted using the TCG banlist, the tcg card scripts will be used instead In conclusion, Omega will be the first automatic simulator to have TCG versions of card scripts.

Q6: I don’t like the colors used for the UI. It’s too shiny. Can I change it?

A6: The background, sounds, card art, card sleeves, card holograms, playmats, field zones, and dialogue boxes, etc. can be changed. There are themes available from other people that you can get. A theme file is an otm file that you can place in the YGO Omega_Data/Files/Themes folder. You can download the list of customizable textures from here: https://tinyurl.com/customomega

Q7: How fast does your game update and add new cards?

A7: Our database updates automatically every 6 hours in sync with yugipedia. This means everything in terms of the card database, is 100% automated. This includes name, card text, tcg/ocg status, id, etc. You can see updates on discord. There is also a card pool filter for new cards in the game.

That does not mean that scripts are automated. A human is scripting each card which tells the instructions on how that card is supposed to work. In this case, it can take up anywhere from 3 hours to 1 week for new cards to get scripted based on the availability of the scripter.

A card without a script will show a scriptless icon and you can use those cards in manual mode.

Q8: Will it have custom cards, LAN, test hands, or offline AI?

A8: The game does not have the core locally. The core is on the server. To add offline AI, we would have to add the ygopro core to the client. In the future, depending on donations received, we can add offline AI which will then allow players to do LAN and offline AI. This would also allow for test hands with faster speed since a message does not need to be sent to the server each time a rematch is initiated. We do have online test hands and online AI which functionally do the same thing with 2-3 secs delay in starting a new duel.

Q9: Will there be a manual mode or custom card support?

A9: Yes. Omega will be the first ygo simulator with both manual and automatic. We are still in the process of improving manual mode so that every action that is already possible in Dueling Book, is also possible in our manual mode. One of the main differences in our manual mode is that there is a single “Move” button for each card. You click move and then click the location of where to move it instead of having 10 different buttons stacked vertically to tell it where it should go. We have the same chat commands that Dueling Book already has but more. You can type /help to see what these commands are. You can click on the “Attack” icon to attack yourself to activate an effect. You can also use attack to target other cards.

Judges can spectate duels and then look at the duel log to solve any disputes. Manual will not be ranked or moderated. You are responsible for your own duel and its rulings. There is no time limit. Players can use even their own custom cards and banlists by adding the art, cdb, and the lflist. As long as there is no conflict with id, you can send your custom cdb and arts to the opponent and be synced. No scripts required. Think of it as a sandbox mode where anything is allowed. You can create your own custom rules that you and your opponent agree to. For anyone who has played manual, communication is important. You must use the chat to tell your opponent the choices you make and ask whether they have a response. Due to discord integration, you can even use voice chat.

Q10: How does the ranking algorithm work?

A10: YGO Omega's Ranking Algorithm - #2

Q11: Does your game use the ygopro core?

A11: Yes, it uses the official Fluorohydride core engine with modifications and fixes to damage calculation and tcg rulings. Even today, the maximum number of players any ygopro has ever had is 2500. Each instance of a duel is 100 MB on ygopro. This is why it can stack up very fast and require servers with lots of RAM. We are not using the standard ygopro server. We created our own server using the latest .NET technology. This allows us to use a very fast optimized server that allows us to support any number of players. We use the open-sourced scripts from the Fluorohydride repo. The core is MIT license while the ygopro client is GPL. Our game, hence is closed source following the MIT license as it uses the ocgcore but not a fork of ygopro. Our server is also closed source. This is not a ygopro2 rewrite either. Ygopro2 is another project made in Unity also which is outdated.

Q12: How does the rarity system work?

A12: Each player has a set amount of rarities (starts at 0 and caps at 15). To set the rarities, players can open the deck editor online and click on the rarity and then click on the card. This will assign that rarity to all copies of that card in the deck. You get 1 of each rarity by donating. To earn more rarities, you can get them from the shop using DP. We award DP through ranking and also future events like challenges or tournaments.

Q13: Is YGO Omega a sequel to YGOPro 2?

A13: No. There is no “Pro” in YGO Omega for a reason. It is not a fork of ygopro. All forks of the original YGOPro client are ygopro simulators. YGO Omega is a brand new client made from scratch in Unity that uses the official ocgcore. Dueling Nexus is another example of a client made from scratch that uses the ocgcore but its name does not have “ygopro”. In fact, even Duel Links, contains files with the same name from ygopro core. YGOPro2 wasn’t a sequel to YGOPro either contrary to popular belief. The “2” is just a choice of name. YGOPro2 was also a new client made in Unity, and its original name was YGOPro 3D, which was later changed to YGOPro2. The developer of YGOPro2, Froge, chose to call it this but it was not a sequel to YGOPro, which was created by another developer named Argon Sun. However, Argon was involved in the development of YGOPro2 and supported it. Similarly, we are supported by a couple of members from the original Fluorohydride team.

Q14: Why not add Goat, ARG, Newgioh, or Trinity?

A14: To add Goat, we would need to add Master Rule 0 which requires a core change. It’s not enough to use Master Rules 1. Edopro, has indeed, scripted every card in the Goat format following the individual card rulings listed here: https://www.goatformat.com/home/category/rules. So we recommend to use Edopro if you want an automatic sim with Goat format. At the same time, I think that Goat format can be played accurately in manual mode.

That is not to say we don’t support alternate formats. Alternate formats are a good way of adapting to a new format and challenging deckbuilding skills. We use official alternate formats. We recommend to use manual mode though for anything that isn’t possible in automatic.