Wave 5 of Premium Themes for YGO Omega

NEW THEMES ARE OUT!! WAVE 6: Wave 6 of Premium Themes for YGO Omega - Customization - Duelists Unite


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V - Performapal Carnival
  2. Mystic Mine
  3. Okami
  4. Island in the Sky
  5. Spirits of the Temple

ALL THEMES ARE FREE https://github.com/duelists-unite/omega-old-themes/releases

Make sure to watch the video to see all animations!

ALL THEMES ARE QUAD HD (4x HD) and they are created for 16:9 Resolutions. If you use other resolutions it will fall out of intended place.

NOTE: Avoid purchasing the Themes using your phone, as sometimes you won’t get redirected from PayPal towards the download link and authorization, PayPal is weird like that on some devices. If it happens just contact me I’ll manually give you the theme, but please use a deskop or a laptop if you want to avoid any issues happening.
Mats are transparent in most of the themes.
These are only Duel Backgrounds for each camera angles both static and animated with textures.

Wave 5 is the first wave to have 5 themes, and with wave 5 I have completed a set of 17 Premium Themes in total from Wave 1 to Wave 5.

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V - Performapal Carnival: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • Pendulum players just wouldn’t leave me alone ever since wave 1 to make them a theme so here you go! It was about time to give pend players some love, and you get this majestic theme!
    P.S: It comes with a new artwork for Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Hip Hippo made by me!


  • Lights
  • More Lights
  • Literally, even more lights
  • Egaos (if you don’t know what this is you’re not an arc-v fan, don’t get exposed!)
  • All the floating stuff
  • Pendulum Scales


Become a Pro Entertainer on the Grand Stage on an Action Duel Field of Yuya!

2. Mystic Mine: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • First theme to be recommended for wave 5 was Mystic Mine, everyone asked for it, and so I decided to make it. However the Mystic Mine cave is just plain and boring, so I asked my self: “How am I going to make this interesting and beautiful to look at?” so only answer was: To make it beautiful my way. And so we ended up with this, I have recreated the scene on the artwork where spellstone sorcerer rekts those 2 soldiers, and you can see this animation at the top, where opponent’s hand is! The theme is really an eye candy!


  • Particles
  • Fire
  • Lighting
  • The Scene on the Mystic Mine card artwork


So you’re a sadist and enjoy seeing people suffer in pain with Mystic Mine? Then this is for you!

3. Okami: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • Have you played Okami? If you didn’t, you missed out big time, look it up its amazing! Not to mention: Beautiful! After playing it I was so impressed, I made a theme in its style and this theme just brings me pure joy, and this theme is also a gift to one person who also loves okami, and its also a gift for all you nature lovers out there (I see you, SpringStation fans).


  • Grass
  • Waterfall
  • Rivers
  • Workers
  • Leaves Falling
  • Okami Amaterasu


Experience the beauty of Okami but in Omega, or… Just enjoy the Watercolour Nature Scenery!

4. Island in the Sky: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • I wanted to make a tabletop style theme that has a twist to it, unlike other themes, this theme will give you an illusion that cards on the sides are actually high on the stones as you can see, it has a really cool vibe to it and I love how it turned out!

SUGGESTION: If you like tabletop looking themes like this one, check out the latest one Special Edition Premium Themes for YGO Omega - YGO Omega / Customization - Duelists Unite


  • Sky
  • Clouds
  • Fog


Enjoy your gameplay more and give your self a treat today with this theme!

5. Spirits of the Temple: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • I wanted to make a darker, chill kinda theme that is set in a… kinda horror-ish style environment, like a dungeon or something in those waters. And I ended up with this, I love how it turned out!


  • Glow
  • Sparks
  • Wolves
  • Particles


So you’re an adventurer?! What are you waiting for!

IMPORTANT!!! if your zones look like default ones that come with omega and not like in video of themes/screenshots, you need to reapply the theme (its a bug), basically apply the default theme again, then apply my theme after it again and ur all set!
Finally, to select the theme after you install it, you have to select it in the settings and click apply!
Like this:

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These look so amazing! I would love to see a Toon Theme, I would so get that theme.

Wow I didn’t even know you made 4 themes. The Spirit one and Island and the Sky I didn’t see those one yet. I think simplistic is pretty nice to the eyes. Okami looks pretty but since I have never played okami yet it looks similar to the Garden one.

Where is the button if download ?