Special Edition Premium Themes for YGO Omega

This release of Premium Themes is a Special kind, because it will contain only the Special Themes, Themes that are far greater than all others from my arsenal, and these themes are not part of any Waves of Premium Themes. They are their own category. Of course, these themes are not for everyone. These are themes for those who truly care about having the best possible experience they can have.

You see, after the reveal of Master Duel, I felt challenged in terms of environment and Themes they used. They had pets and bunch of other things. So I also did that.

Behold, Themes that come with Pets, of Extreme Quality (These themes will be over 1 GB in size, while the others are barely 300 MB), themes that give you the coolest experience!

Let us begin with the first and ONLY Special Edition Premium Theme as of yet: MAGMA SANCTUARY.

Promotional Video:



  • Magma passes through the ground, zones, environment.
  • Lost spirits flying through the air around the stones
  • Phantom Knights of Break Sword and Helshadoll Hollow move
  • Your opponents ground cracks if you’re winning, and yours cracks if you’re losing.
  • Particles
  • Bloom

You saw the fire master duel field, didn’t you? yes so I wanted to create that, but far better in every way. And thus, after extreme amounts of work and suffering, modelling, animating, creating effects, level design, I have finally finished it, the ultimate Premium Theme, far superior than anything you seen before from my arsenal!

  • Behold! Magma passes through the field and on the sides, surging throughout the 3D Zones, on your side you have your pet: Phantom Knights of Break Sword, and opponent’s pet is Hellshaddoll Hollow! Spirits circle around the stones, The lighting is off the charts. Your opponent’s field Cracks when you are in a winning position, while your cracks when you are in a losing position! This is by far, leaps and bounds, the Greatest theme I have ever made. Playing on it is absolutely incredible. It deserved its own article with its own release, with its own category!
  • Now, you may ask your self, why should I get a theme at all? Well, in real life, you get mats, mats are very expensive, compared to Premium Themes that took extreme amount of work 3D modeling, animating, creating effects, Level design and more. While mat costs far more, and its just a digital artwork slapped on some rubber. Why wouldn’t you get something that would bring you far better experience in-game?
  • The theme works for every Camera Angle, but Mats and Field Spell Images that cover the field, will not be visible. If you want to use mats, then this is not a theme for you. This is a theme for the serious ones, who want the truest experience! Mat and the field spell image would cover all the effects and design I put so much work into, there would be no point of buying this theme, would it?

  • Again I repeat, this theme is only for those who want the Best of the best! The Serious, and they deserve only Quality!

  • The theme is Quad HD (4x HD) 60 FPS, featuring both Animated & Static options, For every Camera Angle, Including for every Situation (Winning or Losing), and its 1.4 GB in total! AND This theme will work best on bigger screens, as it has soo many details, if you use it on a small screen, all those details will be squished, lost, causing it to appear different, kinda like when you look at the thumbnail of the video, but if you go full screen, thats when it shines.

  • To Apply the theme simply drop it in your Themes folder, and select it in Menu>Settings and hit apply, restart the game and it has been applied! When you Apply the theme, beware, it will freeze for couple of seconds to load it, and after that its smooth sailing!

Get your hands on Premium Themes Special Edition: Magma Sanctuary today! (Instant download after Purchase)