Omega Event: Win and Gain


Event Details:

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

For the day of 14th jan, to celebrate Aire’s birthday, we will be doing a small event . Rules are

  • Must be registered to the ygo site . ( use %register in discord )
  • our decision will be final.



  • If you play with 3 copies of Spark in Main deck of a ranked match of any leaderboard, You will automatically enter a giveaway.
  • The more time you do this, the more will be your chance of winning.
  • Winning or Losing doesn’t matter for this.
Reward of giveaway
A premium theme.


  • None :slight_smile:

Event scores.

Your every duel win will give you points in ranked regardless of your leaderboard.

i.e. if you win 1 games out of 3 in a match, you will still get points.
TOP 3 duelist will be contacted and declared winner.

How to collect event points.

Event individual duel win will give 1 point. bonus points are,

  • +0 for winning ly reducing LP to 0
  • -1 if you surrender.
  • +1 bonus if opponent surrenders, time limit win.
  • +2 bonus if effect of Exodia the forbidden one.
  • +3 bonus if effect of Destiny Board.
  • +5 bonus for deck out win.
  • +3 bonus for all other win conditions.


If you manage to beat opponent by using sparks , even in duel links ranked , send the replay to us and get 5 points for giveaway. :slight_smile: