Wave 6 of Premium Themes for YGO Omega


  1. Dawn of Orcust
  2. Cybernetic Horizon (Cyber Dragon Theme)
  3. Burning Abyss
  4. Cozy Days - Dueling on a Rainy Day

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Make sure to watch the video to see all animations!

ALL THEMES ARE QUAD HD (4x HD) and they are created for 16:9 Resolutions. If you use other resolutions they may fall out of intended place.

Wave 6 is the first wave I hired a composer to create soundtracks for!

NOTE: Mats are transparent in all the themes.

1. Dawn of Orcust: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • It is time for Orcust to shine again! I was gone for months but after I finally returned, I had an urge to play Orcust but they (at this current point in time) aren’t up to par with other decks. We need an uprising! So I went out of my way to make Wave 6 and create a Majestic Orcust theme that it DESERVES, AND hire a composer to create soundtracks for Orcust, for all 3 dueling situations! Winning, Losing and Neutral! This theme is located inside Orcustrion.


  • Light Rays through the windows
  • Dust particles
  • Mist
  • Shadows


  • Winning Situation OST
  • Losing Situation OST
  • Neutral Situation OST
    Listen to bits of each OST here: All 3 Orcust Soundtracks


Play Yu-Gi-Oh! on a grand level like you deserve and make Orcust shine again!!


2. Cybernetic Horizon: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • Its time for Cyber Dragon return! And what better way to celebrate that than with an insane theme! This theme is located inside of Cyber Repair Plant and it features a lot of Cyber Dragon ester eggs and cool bits. For example, the wall in front is the same wall behind Cyber Dragon Herz!, The Light patterns on the ground are the same patterns found on Herz and Seiger. And the light generated is coming from the Photon Generator Unit, which is found at the far right!


  • Photon energy flowing throught the hexagonal frames on the field generated by the photon generator unit.
  • Mist
  • Lights on the Cyber Dragon and other devices


Obliderate your opponents in style on your favourite grounds with your favourite theme!


3. Burning Abyss: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • More like Burning Obese AMR! Jokes aside, I’ve been a BA fan ever since it came out! I just had to make a Burning Abyss theme, but hey, you Pyro players and whatnot, its still a great option for you guys too! Welcome to Hell traveller, Malacoda is waiting for you!


  • Lava particles
  • Smoke
  • Electricity on the black mass
  • Lights


Travel through the Abyss yourself and overcome adversities!


4. Cozy Days - Dueling on a Rainy Day: Animated 3D Environment Theme

  • Do you just love rain? There is just nothing better than a cup of coffee next to the window while its raining outside! But what if we had a duel instead? (with coffee of course). Let me introduce you to my comfort Theme: Cosy Days (Yes its misspelled intentionally). This theme is unique compared to all other 20 Premium themes because of 1 single reason: It’s rendered Realistically!! It looks just like real life! Coffee is still hot so go get your theme so we can duel before the coffee cools off!!!


  • Rain falling on the window
  • Reflections
  • Smoke from coffee


Make every day your cozy day and hurry up before the coffee cools off!!!


THIS CONCLUDES 21 PREMIUM THEMES IN TOTAL!!! That was a lot of work…

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IMPORTANT!!! if your zones look like default ones that come with omega and not like in video of themes/screenshots, you need to reapply the theme (its a bug), basically apply the default theme again, then apply my theme after it again and ur all set!
Finally, to select the theme after you install it, you have to select it in the settings and click apply!
Like this:

Hey man, first of all congratulations on all the work your themes are awesome. I downloaded one of your themes yesterday but I’m having some issues. Hopefully you could get in touch with me. Thanks in advance!

Hey Dagguito, thanks for your kind comment! Can you please contact me on discord? I am on the very top, named Aire!