Wave 2 of Premium Themes for YGO Omega by Aire


  1. CyberStation
  2. Call of the Haunted
  3. World Legacy

ALL THEMES ARE FREE Repacked - Google Drive

Video Demo of all 3 themes:

ALL THEMES ARE QUAD HD (4x HD) and they are created for 16:9 Resolutions. If you use other resolutions it will fall out of intended place.

Mats are transparent in some of these themes.

These are only Duel Backgrounds for each camera angles both static and animated.

1. CyberStation: 3D Environment Theme

  • Set inside a Space Station, this theme brings you really cool techy scenery for all camera angles + animated. Not only that but depending on if you’re winning or losing, the field will change colours, in this case to red if you’re losing and orange if you’re winning!
  • Lights on objects around the field
  • Green elements on the field shine
  • Different colours depending on the situation.


Go to space and battle the alien invaders today!


2. Call of the Haunted: 3D Environment Theme

  • My favourite trap card was Call of the Haunted, so I decided to create a graveyard theme and it turned out absolutely beautiful and I had way too much fun making it! Surprisingly I didn’t intend to make this just because of Halloween, I wasn’t even thinking about it, its pure coincidence.
  • Fog
  • Grass (Wind Blowing)


Get this beautiful theme today and give your self a treat!


3. World Legacy - 3D Environment Theme

  • Finally we have a theme that was most requested, and I have promised to create it once I get enough support, so here we are! World Legacy theme features 5 World Legacy items out of 8 (because I couldn’t fit more) being: World Chalice, World Crown, World Key, World Shield and World Armor.
    The theme is absolutely breathtaking and I cannot stop looking at it. The colours, the lights, the fog, the forest, the overall scenery, everything perfectly compliment each other in a beautiful symphony of a masterpiece this has ended up becoming!
  • Fog
  • World Legacy Items Shine with strong light
  • Light on the field zones

i used this image as inspiration


Do your self a favour and get World Legacy Theme today because you do not want to miss this!



Cool designs. I especially like the World Legacy one.

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Password of archived file !?