Premium Themes for YGO Omega by Aire

It’s been a long while in the making, waiting to be released, all 3 of them, and today, I am finally publishing my 3 themes I made so far!

NEW THEMES ARE OUT: Wave 2 of Premium Themes for YGO Omega by Aire

IT’S FINALLY HERE, and I thank you all for your support in advance!
NOTE: Avoid purchasing the Themes using your phone, as sometimes you won’t get redirected from PayPal towards the download link and authorization, PayPal is weird like that on some devices. If it happens just contact me I’ll manually give you the theme, but please use a deskop or a laptop if you want to avoid any issues happening.

  1. TombStation
  2. Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge
  3. Tron: Legacy

ALL THEMES ARE FREE Repacked – Google Drive

Mats are transparent in some themes.

1. TombStation: 3D Environment Theme

  • Set inside an ancient Tomb, this theme brings you cool vibes as you duel with animals moving around the field, the moonlight passes through the openings on the roof, creating field zones on the field. Put your self through a gameplay experience that competes or even surpasses MTG Arena and many others.


Video Demo:

Get this majestic theme today and experience omega on a whole new level!

2. Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge: 3D Environment Theme

  • Recreated from the old Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge game, and my personal favourite because I’m just too nostalgic of a person. The Field Spell in this theme, when activated, will appear exactly like in the original game and go straight into the field it self!


Video Demo:

Get Kaiba the Revenge theme today and relive your childhood all over again with omega!

3. Tron: Legacy - 3D Environment Theme 4K

  • Finally we have a theme I created based off of the movie Tron: Legacy! This was the hardest one to create, it features different coloured versions for each animated and still images, for both normal, winning or losing situations (if you’re losing it will go red, if you’re winning it will go green, and normally its orange). The theme I put the most effort into is this one. Animated versions feature glowing energy surging through the coloured lines through the buildings, and the light passes through the field! This is the highest-end theme in this wave.


Video Demo:

Get Tron: Legacy theme for YGO Omega and enjoy the ultimate experience it offers!


looks good. great job @Aire


These look awesome!


Very nice themes. Good job @Aire


Make sure to check out! Aire. He’s an amazing artist and support him! he’s making themes for us in the future


Aire doing a fantastic job once again! I especially like the Tron: Legacy theme the most! Keep up the great work!

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is the Kaiba Theme also looking good in 4k or rather not?

also might be cool to see more PoC themes