Custom Banlists

Not 100% sure if it’s not already suggested, this is the first time I’m posting here, but there are a number of banlists available, such heart of the underdog or Teledad. So why not make custom banlists. These would be helpful for thins such as testing out theoretical fan banlists lime MBT’s recent tournaments, progression series, or even for custom cards when the builder for that comes around.
I know you could just memorize it and use unlimited, but that’s kinda more work then needed and i suspect it would be easy to program a custom banlist either way.

This is already possible by doing something along the lines as shown here:

well, having an inbuilt way to do that inside omega would be nice either way.

We are already making a banlist creator on the website. You will be able to import/export lists, modify as needed. There are a lot of cool things you can do on Omega that you can’t do any other sim. You can ban by card type, attribute, monster type. You can also even do requirements (force players to have x amount of dark magician in their deck). This creates for some very interesting banlists. Progression series is already possible through whitelists but that’s already in edopro too.

Is this out yet? If so, I can’t access it because the tools page makes me reauthorize before then saying the renewed auth ha expired or I’ve switched out of Chrome.