How to play Progression Series on Omega or Edopro?

  1. Create an account on
  2. Use ygoprodeck’s pack opener to pull packs and save them to your collection.
  3. Export your collection as a banlist.
  4. Put the downloaded lflist.conf file inside YGO Omega_Data/Files/Banlists folder or if Edopro, put it inside the lflists folder.
  5. Open YGO Omega / Edopro and go to the deck editor.
  6. Select the YGOPro Progression Banlist from the banlist dropdown.
  7. Go to filter-> limitations. Select limited, semi-limited, and unlimited. Press apply.
  8. Now you can only see the cards in your collection and be able to build your deck inside YGO Omega / Edopro !

Heyo for those wondering, in EDOPRO the Banlist Collection is in Repositories/Iflists