Casual BO3 Match Queue

Wondering if we can get a Casual BO3 queue? Same functionality as the ranked match queue but with whatever the current list is on casual. I.e., the upcoming OCG cards in TCG etc. Would also be nice to queue up for BO3 matches not intended to effect rank or such.

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Please see : Create a parallel BO3 queue to play pre release cards

If there is a bandwidth cap on queues available to be hosted, then I understand. But I’m not sure I follow on the format or community concerns.

I don’t think we want to push a “fake format”, just want to enhance the convenience of what casual queue is already doing for us. Whatever the forbidden list updates to for casual queue is already ideal. Even now I don’t think I can create a casual anonymous room that even replicates that banlist exactly, I have to make it “Unlimited” if I am understanding.

Or personally, I’d just prefer casual queue matches over singles, if there were only 1. But that is just my individual take.

In order to replicate the Casual queues. All you need to do is set the ban list to the ban list you wish, and then allow the card pool for all and set the extra rule for allow beta cards. This enables all cards, but restricts cards if they are on the ban list. You can then set it to match if you wish.

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