Create a parallel BO3 queue to play pre release cards

It would be interesting a parallel BO3 queue (casual or ranked) that we’re able to play pre release cards (OCG cards that are about to release on TCG or vice versa), simulating a real competitive match with the goal of training. It’s very rare someone join a room you’ve hosted because all the rooms are the same and don’t stand out as they don’t have any text descriptions. Rooms in other simulators
stand out more for those looking for rooms, but people easily leave the game since there is no incentive for them to finish the game. Something that would also encourage these people to stay in the duel would be interesting, as a DP gain per duel won would also help.

This would be splitting the community. There are already 4 queues. Competitive TCG & OCG, Casual TCG & OCG, and even now the 2 OCG queues aren’t very widely used. Adding an additional queue would simply provide another queue people would sit in waiting for by themselves. Additionally, you can do this in casual as well. However, it is hard to make a “fake format” and force players to stick around in it. There are possibility of cards with bugs much more when they are pre-release and no rulings have been released on them. This means that you could be in a match where you are forced to play against a bugged deck, or with a bugged deck. This wouldn’t feel very good to have happen.

If you are hunting for testing new cards you are welcome to hunt other rooms to see if you can play against them with new cards. Or, you could reach out in the Duelist Unite Discord server and find out if there is anyone interested in playing newer cards.