Basic Mafia: Alien!

Welcome to the 1st game of mafia on the Duelists Unite forum! As the host, I (@Lyris) will set some base guidelines for this game and others like it. I will start with a fairly simple theme which I have played in high school, which was called Alien. The rules of the game are as follows:

  • Players should let me know if they want to play as themselves or a character (be it original or from canon, but they must be fictional). Characters should have a known name and appearance.

    • No one’s character has to stick to their personality if their roleplayer (RPer) does not want to, but they should at least speak in some English.

    • Any players with characters, when talking as themselves, should differentiate Out-of-Character (OoC) text from In-Character (IC) text. This can be achieved using parentheses or other brackets, like ( ), (( )), // //, [ ], [[ ]], { }, and {{ }}.

      • RPers who wish to use something not listed here to differentiate should specify this while signing up.
  • All desired activity during the Night Phase and from eliminated players must be kept within personal messages until the end of the game. At that point, all personal message conversations are to be posted.

  • The game has two phases: Night and Day.

    • During each Night Phase, an informed minority will attempt to eliminate one player not among them, and the victim’s name and role will be announced if successful. Any other roles that are usable at night may also be used here.

    • At the beginning of each Day Phase, I will announce the name and role of any eliminated victim. After that, players are to vote on whom they think is in the informed minority. They have two days to do so and to discuss amongst themselves. Whoever has the most votes will be eliminated at the end of the Day Phase.

      • Posts with votes should mention the username of the player whom is being voted for. Mentions can be made by typing @username, with username being replaced accordingly.

      • Players may choose not to vote, but they are eliminated if they do not vote for three or more days.

  • This game has two teams: Humans and Aliens. The Humans comprise of the uninformed majority, while the Aliens make up the informed minority.

  • Players cannot choose roles. Right before this game begins, I will send a personal message to all players with the role their player(s) has. No player may publicly reveal their role, but they may lie about their role at any time. The informed minority has just one role, called Alien, while the uninformed majority has two roles aside from the regular ‘role’ called Human: Doctor and Detective.

    • The Alien is the basic mafia role who knows who the other aliens are; I will disclose which other players are Aliens during the first Night Phase. Each Night Phase, they must send a personal message to me, choosing one player every night to eliminate. This act is called “abduct” in this game. Only one player may be abducted per night, so if the Aliens end up disagreeing on whom to abduct, I will choose the player with the most Aliens choosing them (at random, if tied).

    • The Doctor is the basic protector role, and they may send a personal message to me once per Night Phase, choosing one player to protect from abduction for that night, but they cannot choose the same player two nights in a row.

    • The Detective is the basic seer role, and they may choose one player each night to investigate, and I will reply with whether that player is an Alien or not. I will not disclose which team that player is on, though.

If you wish to play, please reply to this post specifiying whom you’re playing as and saying you would like to sign up! This game will start 2020-08-23T00:00:00Z, and will last until 2020-08-31T04:00:00Z. Let me know if you have any questions!


@Lyris as Marufuji Ryou
@Sleeser as themselves
@AntiMetaman as Mob
@Mordred as Ren Amamiya
@Craazykill as Jack Atlas
@Chahine as Bessho Emma

Ill join, i will play as myself

I’ll be the Detective.

I am sorry, but you cannot choose your role, since they will be handed out at random right before the game begins. Is there a character named Detective, though?

Ok, I’ll pick Mob from Psycho 100.

i will join as ren

Due to lack of participants, this mafia game will be postponed until 2020-08-22T04:00:00Z. It will still last until 2020-08-31T04:00:00Z, but with the current number of participants, I cannot effectively decide how many Aliens there should be…

is that dueling-related?

This mafia does not involve duels, but I will consider hosting a mafia with dueling in the future.

Sign me up as Jack Atlas

I’ve just handed out the roles, including 2-3 aliens! The Mafia game will begin as soon as I get everyone’s night actions!

Sorry this came out late, I forgot about this game…

I’ll join as Emma Bessho.

Okay; I will allow late sign ups until I post Night 1, since I am awaiting on the Aliens’ final decision. I’ll give everyone until the end of the day if they have any remaining night actions. Unless I get word, I will pick at random from among any victims they picked.

(Alright, then, now, it is time to begin Night 1! Here is a summary of what happened:

Night 1 Events
  • The Detective investigated someone.

  • The Doctor protected someone.

  • The Aliens abducted Mob the Human!

I hope to write a detailed storyline later to set the scene. In the meantime, though, please do roleplay your hearts out at a virtual simulation the site of an urban legend: Area 51!.. This is a simulation to explain why no authorities are present nor on their way to the place. I will start with the stage for Day 1. You may assume everyone knows each other’s names, including the fictional characters. In addition, the mafia game and its rules were indeed introduced in-character, albeit moreso implied than explicitly.)

Marufuji Ryou: I awaken in the early morning and step outdoors.

(Everyone has 2 days to cast their votes! Whom do your characters think is an Alien?)

After becoming the King and extinguishing all hope of a grand battle in Domino City, I decided to hit the road in search of new competition. I got lost on purpose, allowing fate to guide me to the abandoned area 51. The Sun was just about to greet me after a long night’s ride when I heard a loud noise coming from one of the ruined bunkers. To my surprise, a tough looking duelist with blue hair steps out. My weariness from the long ride fades as my adrenaline surges to fuel my hunger for battle. This duelist resembled a chum of mine from Satellite, Ryo. However, he now sports a dark rain coat and heavy bags under his eyes similar to a dark signer! A duel will reveal everything I need to know, including why he is here, and why I was guided by fate to meet him.

Marufuji Ryou: “Hm?” I spot a tall, blonde man who caught my attention, which in turn catches my own attention. I narrow my eyes, “What is your name?”

I remain unfazed at the question even though it does strike me as odd. Neither I Jack Atlas, nor Ryo have changed very much from our teen years, he should easily recognize me. Could there be someone who looked identical to Ryo out there? Has he suffered any injuries to the head? Is he still worth my time in a duel? Ryo had no siblings besides a scrawny good for nothing midget brother who wore glasses. Without answering his question, I hop out of my Phoenix Whirlwind and remove the duel disk from it. I draw 5 cards and wait for Ryo to accept the challenge. The Ryo I once knew would not hesitate.

(That face when you forget your own assumption that everyone knows each others’ names :woman_facepalming:)

Marufuji Ryou: I raise an eyebrow and subsequently activate my Duel Disk, drawing 5 cards myself, but not looking at them just yet. “If that means you want a duel, then very well, Jack. Just remember to vote before the day ends.”

Computer: A computerized voice can then be heard, "A duel is beginning."

(Do you have a Jack Atlas deck on YGO Omega? If not, then I don’t mind if we timeskip to the final turn, with the winner determined by a coin flip. Do you want to bet Heads or Tails in the latter case?)

(I know this sounds funny, but I won’t be able to duel today, and the deck is a huge modification of Jack’s deck. I’ll take the coin flip and call heads.)