Basic Mafia: Alien!

(Ah, okay; no problem. So was my deck for Marufuji Ryou, but I also had an anime accurate deck for him. Here is the coin flip result!
Looks like Jack wins. Would you like to post the final blow?)

Shinkuro Shōkan! Waga tamashii, Reddo Deemonzu Doragon Scarlight!" Scarlight’s effect clears the board and reduces Ryo’s LP to 0 ending the duel. His cyber dragon deck, while mostly unchanged, revealed to me that he is still the same man from my past. I offer him my hand for the great duel he shared with me. The fatigue from my long ride and now this epic duel prompt me to ask, “Ryo, mind if I join you tonight? I’ll help out with the dishes.” Then I shamelessly interject, “and btw I was dueling for the right to stay over, forgot to mention that”.

Scarright’s blast pushes me backwards as I brace myself using my arms… Once it clears, I smile in spite of that loss.

“Heh.” I accept Jack’s handshake, “Fine duel, Jack. You may join me tonight. …What is BTW?”

(Well, I know what BTW means, but not Marufuji.)

BTW is short form for Blazing Trail Warrior. It is the nickname I give to all the rivals that have pushed me to the limits, and were able to follow in my scorching trail on the track. This has been a very good start to my journey, and I hope to meet many more duelists like yourself. This Area 51 seems almost endless from the roadside…

Marufuji Ryou: “Alright, then. I hope for the same for you.” I eye towards the road, “Indeed, it sure seems so…”

(Aand no one voted before the deadline. So, I will extend voting by 1 day or until I get the 1st vote for the day. If no votes happen by then, I will execute someone at random.

P.S.: No, not even my character is safe from this.)

(Aand I still have no votes… That, and there has been so much going on in my life that I have forgotten about this game, so instead of the 1st day being the last, I guess I will cancel it. Marufuji Ryou’s role is the Detective, in case people are wondering)