RE: Basic Mafia: Alien!

Your role is an Alien! Please communicate with each other to determine Night 1’s victim!

I’d normally have sent this out earlier, but I forgot…

whos the other alien?

I’ve already messaged them this same thread.

As the Master of Faster it’s only natural to go for the toughest prey first. I vote that we abduct mob. The king has spoken

Okay, then. Sleeser, do you agree?

i still dont get, if lyris is against us, then why is she the GM ?

I think we should choose the smartest of the bunch, they are most likely to get the drop on us

So, does that mean you choose Marufuji Ryou, or do you agree with Craazykill about going after Mob?

first need to decide whos the smartest

Oh. Okay? Let me know when you’ve decided, then, Sleeser.

Since Im close to Ryo we can’t make him disappear tonight, or I’ll be suspicious. Unless Sleeser can come up with some sick plot twist that makes me look innocent

I think you getting close to ryu might put us in danger, but we could use this for our advantage.
We get someone whos close to ryu making them suspect ryu. and then we can get rid of ryu.

With only Ryou and myself in the story so far I don’t see that happening… For the vote tonight, I think Emma is the smartest person left, based on wiki character descriptions, so I vote to abduct her.

alright then