Adding Custom cards Guide

A new tool for YGO Omega exists which you can use to create custom cards. This guide will show you how.

  1. Download OmegaDEX from here: Release OmegaDEX · Lyris12/DataEditorX · GitHub
    As of writing this guide, only the Windows one is available, so download that. If you see others like for Linux or Mac, then you can get those too. This is a zip file, so you need to extract it to a folder.

  2. Once you have successfully downloaded and extracted to a folder, your folder will look like this:

  3. Double click the “DataEditorX.exe” to open the program.

  4. If you have an existing YGOPro cdb database or an Omega .db or .bytes database, you can click File->Open.

  5. If you don’t have an existing database, click File->New. Then name your database what you want e.g. custom_set1. Remember to pick .db from the dropdown since that is the format that is compatible with Omega.

  6. The program will ask you to Open the database that you just created, select Ok.

  7. Let’s now create a new custom card called “Goku”. To start, we can type the card name “Goku” in the Name field. I will choose “Illegal” (the fourth option) from the first dropdown. I will give it WIND attribute since Goku represents Sun Wukong with LV4, Race Warrior. This is a Monster, so I check the box under Card Type and an Effect. Under Genre, I can select “Special Summon”, since its effect Special Summons another monster.

  8. For passcode, I will pick an id that doesn’t conflict with official ids that are 8 digits. Hence, I will pick an id between the range of 210000000 to 259999999. For this case, I’ll pick 210000000.

  9. The effect of my card is

    If this monster is destroyed by battle: Special Summon “Super Saiyan Goku” from your hand, Deck, or GY.

  10. Since this is an optional effect, I may need a string that asks me whether I want to choose to Special Summon “Super Saiyan Goku”. If this custom card is only to be used in manual mode, then you don’t need strings. This only if you create scripts to be used in automatic mode.

  11. Here is the final picture of what my custom card looks like:

  12. Once we are done, we click “Add Card”.

  13. If I want to add a script for this card, I can click “Open Lua” and create a script. Then edit and save the script. The scripts are saved inside the database automatically but you can also put scripts inside the YGO Omega_Data/Files/Scripts folder. Then you can simply type /reloadscripts in the chat to load your scripts after you make changes to it.

  14. Once you are done adding the cards to your database, click File → Save As → find the YGO Omega_Data/Files/Databases folder. Save the database as .db or .bytes.

  15. Then, the last step is to give this new card you made an artwork. Simply put a 624x624 jpg image in the arts folder (YGO Omega_Data/Files/Arts) with the same id that you created for this card, 210000000.jpg.

  16. You can do the same thing for holograms and place a png image with the longest side no greater than 512 pixels in the YGO Omega_Data/Files/Holograms.

  17. Now to find your custom card, open YGO Omega. Then go to the deck manager → deck editor → filter → card pool → custom. Then press apply.

  18. If you don’t know how to script a card, don’t worry! The entire idea of custom cards in Omega is that you can play using manual mode even without any scripts. To do this, simply host a duel and click “Manual” under the “Duel Rule”.

  19. That’s it! If you want to play with friends using custom cards, you can host a local game and then give them the code to your duel. They must also have the same custom database and scripts for them to see your cards and vice versa.


why cant i open dataeditorexe?

you should be able to unless you don’t have windows update stuff like .net.

There is no way to add any kind of new card type as custom cards? Something like a Link magic, or even a new type of monster card, with new mechanics?

I wonder anyone can make Orichalcos deck? Like Orichalcos Deuteros, Tritios, Quadros, Pentos, Gigas and, etc for Orichalcos. or someone can teach me to how make? Thank you

That’s great thanks!
How can I play with friends with custom cards? When I go Online the cards don’t work

hey, does omega uses the same scripting as edopro? becuz I’m wanting to try some scripting, and was thinking about using edopro scripts as basis

I like to battle against the AI. I created my card and scripted. I added it to my deck, everything looks great, even did a non-effect variant. On the deck editor shows 43 cards. When I play a battle against the AI, it drops my three custom cards and only shows 40. Am I doing something wrong?

I haven’t been able to get custom cards to show on AI to test. It looks like the scripting is the same. I did receive some “Lua Santax Check” validation errors with the following code which should be correct:

local e1=Effect.CreateEffect (c)
e1: SetValue(2500)
c: RegisterEffect (e1)
function c210000000.value(e,c)
Return Duel.GetMatchingGroupCount(c210000000, c:GetControler (), LOCATION_MZONE, 0, nil) *500
function c210000000.filter (c)
Return c:IsFaceup() and c:IsRace(RACE_MACHINE) and c:IsType(TYPE_SPELL)

Is it?

Return Duel.GetMatchingGroupCount(c210000000, c:GetControler (), LOCATION_MZONE, 0, nil) *500

No it is the Line 8 “end” after the c: RegisterEffect (e1).

um, where and what is the beginning block of e1, the initial_effect?

“local e1=Effect.CreateEffect (c)” is starting the effect parameters.

Hi, i did everything this guide explained, except the scripting part. But the images of my custom cards looks blurry in the game. Could someone explain this please?

Cool! This guide has been very useful, I have already been able to add some cards to my db, I only have one question. How can I add strings for the card effects like in step 10, because I try to click on the strings box, but it only shades the line but doesn’t let me write text, what should I do there?
Captura de pantalla (115)

Already fixed it. It was graphics drivers problems.

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When I try to add a custom card I keep getting an error that says “Addition failed”. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong if anything.

Can you show a screen shot of the card in the editor? Likely you missing a field.

To those who’re having issues getting the cards In-Game.
every time you update the Client, it will ignore your Custom Databases when the game loads Assets.
If you want to use Custom cards, don’t update. Simple as that.