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Write your suggestions here for YGO Omega. Try to think about your suggestion. Think about not just the idea but the implementation. Try to think from both the user and the developer’s point of view. Add as much detail with screenshots if possible.


This would most likely be very hard and complex to implement and would have to keep getting revised and changed, but it would be awsome if in the deck maker there was a way to search for all card that relate to a type cards or relate to an attribute so you dont need to know all of the card.

Ps: if needed I can explain differently.

Also another cool part would be because I would like to play without wifi if there was some way to get cpu battles without wifi.

hey i would like too see a win animation for final countdown you guys could just do a ring of flames and that could be it less work and easier to implant like the card art ring of flames

An option to choose 3v3 tag duel, don’t think it’s that difficult to implement. Would be a great addition to the game.