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This would most likely be very hard and complex to implement and would have to keep getting revised and changed, but it would be awsome if in the deck maker there was a way to search for all card that relate to a type cards or relate to an attribute so you dont need to know all of the card.

Ps: if needed I can explain differently.

Also another cool part would be because I would like to play without wifi if there was some way to get cpu battles without wifi.

hey i would like too see a win animation for final countdown you guys could just do a ring of flames and that could be it less work and easier to implant like the card art ring of flames

An option to choose 3v3 tag duel, don’t think it’s that difficult to implement. Would be a great addition to the game.

Hello! A minor yet, important step would be updating the field and game properties for speed duels. Basically, the speed duel field has the same properties as the master duel field. There has to be deleted 2 divs from the S/T zone, main monster zone and the extra monster zones plus adding one special zone, prefferably above the extra deck deck zone, for the skill card.

And speaking about the game properties, it would be efficient if game properties like 4000LP and 4 cards in the starting hand changed automatically if you select speed duel rule which can be easily written into the code at the section that includes speed duel properties

What about anime/manga cards? i know edopro has them. is that something that can be added into the game?

offline hand test

Monsters that are not properly summoned should have some sort of indication. This is because there are times where, for example in Plunder Patrol where they have 2 of the same card side by side. One being correctly summoned and the other not. Then when you activate a card like “Plunder Patrol Booty” you select the target and then the game gives you the option to summon or return it. And when they are not correctly summoned you have to return it. This loses you almost every game it happens in

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Hey YGO Omega Team! Quick question, I have a problem with multitasking while the app is open. Mind telling how I can change that.