Arena Tag Duels

Suggestion: Arena Tag Duels

I am suggesting adding Tag duels as a secondary option to playing in Arena. This would work by splitting the queue button into “Solos Queue” and “Duos Queue” or something along the lines. In such proposed idea, the player would choose to use TCG, OCG, WCS, or DL banlist and the server would require four different players to join the queue for a Tag Match (this would need the introduction of Tag Match for a fair system). Tag Match is exactly what it sounds; combining Tag and Match into a single duel mode (Tag would have to be renamed to Tag Single to solve potential confusion). This would NOT include 3v3 as it could become too convoluted and it wouldn’t promote deck synergy as it is already difficult enough to find a teammate’s deck that works well with your own in 2v2s.

Why do I think this suggestion should be considered and be implemented into the online Arena? I think it would be a great way to increase tag duel activity as it’s currently a semi-popular duel mode.

I hope I have been understood and I truly hope that this suggestion is considered because I’d love this idea to become a reality, thanks.