YGO Omega Version Open Beta

Hello Duelists!

This is now version 0.98. Everyone has access to the game.


The wait is finally over! See you all there!


When does the mobile version come out?


I downloaded the Linux file. There is a file named OmegaUpdater.x86_64 in it. What kind of file is this? how do i install this?


The download is stuck at 24%. also other people in the comments of the release video have a problem like this.


I downloaded it and it opened for a sec now it wont open and I cant uninstall it it wont let me


SMH I meet none of the requirements. Can’t even play

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my update after installation stopped at 5/55 and it wont go any further, what should I do? already tried to reinstall and it didn’t work

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When i’m start the game , i’m stuck on 1/55 0% for 2 hours i wait and nothing happen.

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Não passa dessa pagina, não está baixando


How long it takes here, I have like a hour. u.u

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maybe need to install discord first

To all that are having troubles with stuck downloads, just close the game and open it again. It’ll restart the download from where you left it.

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Hope this helps. Just unzip the file and you’ll find an x86_64 file in it. Look at its Properties and Permissions and make it executable. Put the file in any location you want, then open the terminal and go to the folder where the file is located and run:

That’ll run the updater, and it’ll create some other files in that folder. One of those files is ‘YGO Omega.x86_64’ (without quotation marks). But the terminal will tell you that you can’t run the game. That’s because that file isn’t executable yet, so just look at its properties and make it executable. Then, like the other file, open the terminal and run:
./‘YGO Omega.x86_64’

That should work. The game should run and download its assets.


Anyone else having trouble getting online? I click online and I’m just stuck in the lobby

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I’m still trying to download the rest of the files but im stuck around 31/55 but it wont load anymore. Any work arounds for this? please let me know and thank you

i just closed it and retryed and the download kept going from where it was

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não to conseguindo instalar o jogo. porque???

same idk wtf is going on