YGO Omega Version 0.99 Open Beta


  • The card text in the chat box is now oriented top to bottom instead of bottom to top (yay). This is what a lot of players wanted and we finally figured out how to do it.

  • We reduced the Replay speed by a lot. If you click and hold on the FF button, it will speed up. We did this because when showing off replays as a content creator, it can’t be too fast.

  • The turn counter will now say “Turn” inside the phase clock. You will see MP1 and MP2 so there is no confusion.

  • The option box and notification boxes will now resize based on the content.

  • We added the “genre” filter in the deck editor. This allows you to search for cards based on actions like “Return to hand” or “Return to deck”. All official ygo sims had this. We had removed it because you can search by card text. However, we realize that you can do complex multiple searches using this in addition to the card text. While you can do this with regex, not a lot of people know how to use regex to search for things like banish|destroy (Searches for cards that can banish OR destroy).

  • When looking at a combined card list, it’s hard to distinguish which card is which Player’s. We have now indicated this by making the opponent’s cards have a red colored location icon at the bottom of each card. Alternatively, when you activate something like Monster Reborn or Psy-Frame Omega, a card list pops up. You can just click on your own zone and it will show now only cards that belong to you.

  • The side deck screen has now a Reset button in case you changed your mind and want to revert the changes you made.

  • The x button to close the card list has been moved to the right side because often the display pic would cover it. This is to close it easier for those that don’t use the ESC button to close.


  • AI will get some upgrades.

  • A banlist will be added for the Speed Duel TCG card pool. Selecting this banlist from the deck editor and then picking Limitations =3 from the filters, will show only the cards allowed in the Speed Duel TCG format. You can host duels using this banlist.

  • We may consider the return of Classic View. This view was in the game before but we removed it in place of the zoomed out 3d view. This view has the field shifted to the right to give more space for the chat box on the left for those who are still used to the reading card text on the side. This view won’t have the chat box overlap the extra deck.

  • We’ll show the Elo of both players in the RPS screen. In general, knowing the Elo of your opponent should not affect the way you duel, but it’s just something people want so why not.

  • We’ll add a red circle around the avatar of the LP bar to indicate who has turn priority because the hourglass seems to not be enough.

  • The leaderboard, profile, and statistics will be updated in a few days. Our developer has to repair their computer first. We’ll also write an article about our Elo ranking and the values we are using in case it needs to be tweaked.

  • The probability calculator will get some improvements.

  • The tournament system is ready but needs to be tested now after open beta.


where can i find away to try out ygo omega out? i would love to use it

卡片都是英文了 界面中文 怎么设置卡片都是英文 怎么搞

Please if you can solve the error of exporting deck, sometimes I get the message “Copied to clipboard” or nothing appears and it does not allow the deck to be exported, thanks for this work of art…

This isn’t an error. When you export a deck, it’s exported as code. It’s copied to your clipboard. That means you can paste the code after its been copied.

What can I do with the code, it helps me, can you help me with some guide or where I can find information about it, excuse the question but I’m new, thanks in advance…

Is there a way to customize AI decks yet?

I have more problems

After playing 3 duels, the simulator was locked.
Then when you open it again and load it, the screen remains black and does not advance

Run the omegaupdater.

this game is safe to download because when ever I try to update the game it says that their is virus so how do i fix this problem

Thanks!! Now i can playy

Get a better antivirus. That means not McAfee or Avast or Kaskpersky. The default Windows antivirus or malwarebytes works. If you don’t trust us, then don’t download the game. Simple.

ty > <

I’m fed up as soon as it asks me to update, I do it but it still asks me it ask me 10 times and I can still go online.

after updating the game and launching it, it asks to update again and again.
should I uninstall it and re-install it or is there a better option??

The update loop is because your updater is out of date. Discord

Hello guys how can I download YGO omega

how do install ygo omega on Mac?

We didn’t release for Mac yet.