Ygo Omega Identity

I was wondering: when ygo master duel will come out what will happen? I would love to give yu gi oh omega it’s own identity even by only adding 3d model animations and clean shaded effects. For example a trail of fire when a fire monster attacks, animations for the card popups when activating an effect (not just putting a card on the screen for a split second) and something like that. I want this game to be alive and be as good as master duel when it will come out, with a reason to play this. For example you can use gold coins to apply a custom image to a particular card (for example you can import an image to use as dark magician’s card art and when you’ll play it the opponent will see your card with custom art). I really hope you can implement some polished vfx, animations and 3d models to make this game really shine.

I consider Omega / EdoPro and Master Duel as 2 different things.

Omega and EdoPro are Simulators. You get access to all cards and play whatever you want.

Master Duel has a Monetization Model like Duel Links, so you have to spend money to be competitive. MD also has flashy animation that could become really annoying after x hours of seeing the same stuff over and over again, when you actually just wanna play.

I really love Omega for what it is. A simulator which is graphically appealing without being overloaded by animations and stuff. It doesn’t feel like a simulator as much as EdoPro does.

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Obviously they can add an option to deactivate the animations. For now I would polish some vfx and UI aspects during the duel, like for example the LP bar, or the popup messages and I would add some basic animations which bring the card 3d model up in front of you instead of just appearing, it would make your opponent’s turn much more understandable. I’m not talking about the big 3d dragon fights, but just for some polished animation for the pieces of paper, not what they represent. And maybe a base field model (the setting where your put cards in) could be refined a little more.

You will notice that the graphics and animations in YGO Omega were made to be minimal so that even the most competitive player can play Yugioh without any obstruction or delay in gameplay. In games like Master Duel, when you summon a monster, there will be a slight delay. Monsters are slammed on the ground and if it is a special summon, you will have a summon animation that will cover the entire screen. The animations are synced so you have to wait for the animation to finish playing before going to the next move. Previous Konami games had the click to skip which means with 1 click, the animation won’t play. This doesn’t solve the problem though.

In Omega, the summon animations are async which means that there is no delay or pause in gameplay. Whether the animations are on or off, the game speed is the same. Additionally, the summon animations only cover the monster zone in which the monster is being summoned.

The direction of Omega is not about creating 3d models for each monster and having 3d fights. That’s Konami’s job. All our holograms are just 2d cut outs of the monster art. Master Duel will not have holograms that float above the card because they went with a top-down view to allow players to see the cards better instead of an angled view.

The field we have is already pretty polished. If people want to change it, then they can by customizing the textures. You can even put your own background images or animated backgrounds. In Master Duel, the customizations of playmats, sleeves, and pets will only be from things you pre-select within the game. You can never just use your own sleeve or playmat or background. You can even create a field exactly like Master Duel including pets using animated backgrounds. This does take a lot of work though. A person has to create the 3d model of the field in Unity and then render that model into a video.

The way Master Duel was designed was so that it loads an entire 3d field with 1 camera view. The textures cannot be customizable by the user. Rather, only preselected things within the game can be changed. When we started with YGO Omega, our comparison was always YGOPro which was fully customizable. We could’ve easily gone in the direction of Master Duel if we wanted but then we would’ve lost the customizability. I encourage you to try our themes that show an example of what’s possible.

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I mean the base field maybe can have a little more polygons. Just that, I think. I couldn’t find free themes or fields for omega in particular except premium themes, but they’re indeed premium. Plus the themes I found for other ygoPro sims do not have 3d models, but just flat pngs in a blank space