Whitelist Improvements?

  1. Can’t read multiple seperate lflist files. It must be a single lflist.conf file. EDOPro allows multiple lflist files and they can have different names as well. I found it alot easier to manage these files separately.

  2. In the lflist it can only read one list #[] with a whitelist. You can’t have multiple list that contain a whitelist. Meaning (ingame) it will only show one option in the dropdown, even though its correctly formated.
    I tried the same single lflist file and EDOPro was able to read both list.
    In the standard forbidden,limited,semi-limited mode it is able to read several different list. My 1st suggestion would solve this issue.

  3. In whitelist mode, when setting card limitation to forbidden, the deck editor doesn’t properly show which cards are banned.
    Cards not in the #unlimited section are treated as forbidden (which is good), however they should be hidden. The only cards that should (only) show up are the ones set as #forbidden in the lflist file.

  4. In whitelist mode, aliases aren’t properly hidden even though the card is listed a -1

An Example
6007213 3 --Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
511000234 -1 --Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

Set card limitation to 3, search “Uria” and both will show up. Anime Uria (511000234) should be hidden. It also isn’t treated as forbidden (which it should be).
Now if we set the card pool to WCS then it will hide the Anime Uria but it will also hide any errated cards at 3. So this isn’t a solution.

  1. Suggestion : When Selecting a whitelist (ingame) from the dropdown menu, the card limitation should automatically be set at 3 (unlimited) or at the very least have some sort of override option.