We want a better "DJ console". (updated)

The huge card shower at the left shows every card that is used. We want an option for a second shower like that to be at the right. So 2 showers, the left for showing the enemy’s cards and the right to show only our cards. (if we dont like the enemy’s deck we would be able to hide only the left shower).

Next to the surrender button is a button that i dont know how its called, it brings a panel of the match actions taken. That panel is a good idea but it needs to be fixed in some things:
it has to be able to be much bigger.
Its scroll button bigger too. It is near impossi to scroll as it is now.
It has to remember to be at the “last moves” position. When i open it, it is at some random position and i have to scroll down.
It also has to remember if it was opened last game so it will be at the same spot and opened.

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