Wave 3 of YGO Omega Premium Themes by Aire


  1. Cyberpunk 2021
  2. Dogmatika Nexus
  3. SpringStation

All 3 themes are -37% OFF for LIMITED TIME ONLY

ALL THEMES ARE QUAD HD (4x HD) and they are created for 16:9 Resolutions. If you use other resolutions it will fall out of intended place.

  • This wave does not support mats in favour of scenery which is a reasonable trade-off you want an ultimate experience.

These are only Duel Backgrounds for each camera angles both static and animated.

As a celebration for 3rd Wave being released, I have went the extra mile to make the most incredible themes I have ever made. If you didn’t get a theme before and you were waiting for the right moment, this is that moment!

NOTE: Please get the themes you like most, don’t feel like your choice should be to buy a theme because it has the most animations. That doesn’t make it better than others, all 3 of these themes are equal except for Cyberpunk 2021, Cyberpunk 2021 had most effort put into it, even tho it has few less animations than SpringStation, they are more complex animations and more realistic ones. Dogmatika Nexus may have least animations listed, however, they are more complex animations so it equalizes.

1. Cyberpunk 2021: 3D Environment Theme

  • The future is now! When it comes to this theme alone, do I even need to say anything? Just look at that! Where ever you look its animated, colours are beautiful, it looks realistic, there is rain, million details, even some ester eggs hidden, lighting is off the charts. This theme truly embodies the word “Ultimate” in every way, shape and form! Even my PC was barely able to handle making this!


  • All monitors are animated
  • Cyberpunk 2021 logo is animated with a glitch animation
  • YGO Omega text too
  • Billboards
  • Rain on the road
  • Lights


This is a no-brainer, what are you even waiting for!


2. Dogmatika Nexus: 3D Environment Theme

  • Just as I have previously done World Legacy Theme, I have decided to make one for the latest era as well, which is Dogmatika! This theme features the sacred Dogmatika Nexus’s (Dogmatika’s boss monster) sanctum where strong warriors among the nation come to gain the mark of Nexus on their foreheads to gain the power of Nexus. Dogmatika Nexus can be seen at the very top centre. Featuring vast light rays, statues, Dogmatika soldiers and Epic scenery, this theme is sure to satisfy every Dogmatika fan!


  • Light Rays
  • Dogmatika Nexus Light + Energy
  • Rain on the ground


Play in your Domain and Harness the power of Nexus! Get Dogmatika Nexus Theme today!


3. SpringStation - 3D Environment Theme

  • Finally we have a theme that was requested a lot! Everyone for some reason wanted a Spring theme with cherry blossoms. So I decided to make one, and I went 1000000000x further than that. This theme is drop-dead gorgeous featuring MANY animations, and it could not be any more perfect for everyone that loves this style!


  • Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • Water over rocks
  • Leaves falling from Sakura Trees
  • Grass
  • Fish in the top river
  • If you’re losing, it will turn night time
  • If you’re winning, it’ll turn sunset


Experience the joy of Spring and beauty of Nature! Get SpringStation now!


*Your support on these will heavily impact my continuation of creating themes in future, as this is basically a testing ground to see if its truly worth investing this much time into creating these themes! This is the 3rd Wave and you guys have been supporting me all the way through! That is why I never gave up, and that is why I keep bringing you more and more! Thank you for all your support!

Even just leaving a comment, sharing and hearting is a lot of help!*

I promise even better and better themes in future with more insane graphics wave by wave!

Finally, to select the theme after you install it, you have to select it in the settings and click apply!
Like this:

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All the themes are such great options! The Cyberpunk theme coming in clutch for the Cyberpunk game coming out soon. and Dogmatika fits really well with the Light and Darkness. reminded me of Tyrael in Diablo. as For springstation I like it because of the nature and plant vibe.

Very good themes, guy who made them is a hell of a artist, if i were you id buy them now, you wont regret! All themes in high quality and very nice looking!

Yup. Its pretty good.