Tutorials, lessons, practice matches for beginners

Would love to see a way for total newcomers, not just to YGO Omega, but also Yu-Gi-Oh! in general, to jump right in for a hands-on teaching of how the game works. Compared to video tutorials, I’ve always found it a lot faster and easier to pick up games like this by playing a game with someone knowledgeable who’s willing to walk me through as we go along.

I think splitting things up into smaller individual lessons would be the best way to go about it, maybe with an option to choose a starting point and play through all the subsequent tutorials if desired, that way you don’t have to keep selecting the next lesson from the menu. Players like myself who remember most of the basic original rules but have no idea about synchros, XYZs, or other added mechanics would be able to skip past the stuff they already know directly to what’s relevant for them.

Since the events within many tutorials would be heavily scripted for the particular lesson they aim to teach, I’m not sure that offline AI would need to be implemented for the more-rigid tutorials to be possible without connecting to the server, since the actions/turns would be the same or almost the same every time.

While I’m primarily hoping for beginner help, maybe some more complex tutorials and/or matches could be implemented somewhere down the line to teach players how to counter specific tricky scenarios they might face in actual duels, though I think this would take much lower priority if players could give custom decks to bot opponents.

I’m sorry but the purpose of our game is not to teach you how to play. For that purpose, Konami has done a wonderful job with several youtube videos and also Duel Links that has in-game tutorials. Our game isn’t much different from automatic games in the past like tag force. Ygopro is very old now. We assume that most players how to do most things.