Togglable Tournament Notifications

I believe that a new option should be implemented underneath the “Social” Tab of the settings to toggle Tournament notifications on/off. (“Tournament starting in 30 minutes,” etc.)

While a fantastic addition for those looking to use Omega as a competitive ladder and testing ground, it quickly becomes an eyesore when playing casually in private rooms and especially when attempting to record or stream video footage of the application. By no means do I believe this feature should be removed, but there needs to be an option to turn these notifications off if the YGO Omega Team wishes for content creators to continue using and advertising Omega as their preferred simulator for videos.


Unfortunately turning off notifications means turning off all in-game notifications. Let’s say we are about to do a maintenance update which means we have to shutdown the servers in 30 mins. If you were streaming and had your notifications off, you would not have been informed of the server shutdown and then your stream would look even worse because omega would suddenly shutdown in the middle of a duel.

Hence, the pros outweigh the cons. While we can certainly add this option, you must consider the above example.

I appreciate your swift and thoughtful reply!

In the example you have provided regarding maintenance updates, the desire for these notifications to be pushed through indeed makes sense. However, if it really is the case that these notifications are inexorably tied in their implementation, then I’d like to propose two potential solutions:

  1. Notifications should have an additional definition in their class that requires them to be declared as either a Maintenance notification or a Tournament notification. This would allow the implementation of the aforementioned feature while retaining the ability to push Maintenance notifications when needed.

  2. While not as clean of a solution, Maintenance Schedules can (and maybe should be?) pushed through the Notice window that has been recently added to the home screen. Turning notifications off would still result in Maintenance notifications being disabled in this case, but would still give users wishing to make this trade-off a way to easily find when maintenance is planned to occur.

If I hadn’t heard other content creators complain about this in addition to it causing problems for myself, I wouldn’t have made this post. But it seems that you’re open to discussion regarding this topic, and look forward to either your/the team’s response!

We cannot classify or categorize notifications. They are free text. Adding this classification adds another layer of complexity which now requires the game to detect the text of the notification.

There is an option to turn pop-ups into message tiles coming on next update.

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