Theme Showcase (esthetic suggestion)

In the yt video of the wave 5 of the premium themes there is a good feature regarding the presentation of the new fields. In min 0:54 and 1:16 there’s a cool camera movement to show some of the new fields. It would be amazing to include a short camera movement in the game too, like in the video, so people can appreciate their themes more. It would be right before starting a duel. It could be skipable, and both of the duelists would have to agree in order to do that. Of course both user would be watching their respective themes. And you could display some minor info in the short scene regarding the name of the theme or the author or both. An example of what i mean here at min 2:02 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Gameplay - YouTube


@Yuzaku there is currently no system in place to support this and also no available theme to make use of it.

And considering priorities I can’t see this happening soon.

In order for this to work in the first place it would require both players to see the same thing. And omega to have by default many of this backgrounds as “dueling stages” since forcing players to watch the same thing over and over becomes repetitive very fast and ends up hurting the general player experience.

Of course you can skip but that defeats the purpose of implementing a system like this in the first place, considering the amount of hours it would require to be put into it.