The option to block someone

I was trying this morning to play a quick duel, so I joined the casual queue, and I was constantly matched against someone who would quite as soon as the RPS screen shows up (btw I was incognito), so I joined the queue again, and I get matched against the same guy, and he does the same thing over and over for like 5 times in a row… it was extremely annoying.
I don’t think I’ve played against this person in the past, and don’t know what he was trying to do, but if he doesn’t want to play against me, I respect that, I just don’t want to be met with this person’s rude manners ever again, and so if we could have an option to block someone like in social media it would be really nice.
Or maybe make everyone fully anonymous like in Duel Links, so we care less about people and more about the game.
thank you.

Blocking someone in a queue would break the entire point of a queue. If you just block the strong players, you would only get matched with weak players. Then this introduces bias into the system. Players should be blind to who they are matched against. That is why we also don’t show the player’s rating anymore and you have the incognito mode.

So if you want to be anonymous, just enable incognito mode (from chat settings tab). Being anonymous is a choice.

In terms of being matched with the same player again, the game picks the opponent that is closest to your rating out of 4 people. There has to be 4 people in the queue minimum to choose. We cannot store the last opponent and prevent you from rematching.

Duel Links doesn’t care about ranking, so you have less things to complain about.

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