Sword Art Champion

Sword Art Champion https://duelistsunite.b-cdn.net/original/2X/3/3728750024eb314cbe18d601fa2b092ef1b93aa4.png
art 5.0 1 psct 4.0 1 creativity 4.0 1 balance 3.0 1

This archetype created based on my favorite anime during my late highschool time, to memorize those moments, or just for fun, i’ve created an archetype based on it called “Sword Art Champion”.
This archetype are revolving on Equip Spell Cards, by utilizing it in many ways like ,dump it to GY, destroy it, or return to hand/Deck, you can use many effect from their Spell Cards to perform draw, search, and many other actions. Their Main Deck Monsters will also gain an additional power when equipped. allowing more flexibility and adaptability for handling many situations, althought they’re weak against backrows and handtraps, but they can quickly overwhelm their opponents with their high ATK and ease of acces of useful Equips
Here’s 10 samples of the pack’s artwork (current cards in this pack is 73):

If you’re interested, you can download the pack in this thread