Suggestions for Omega

I love your game and
I have some suggestions for game to make it even better:

  1. Ability to deactivate any mark (like beta,ocg,tcg) on the card images.
    At least when zooming on a card, they (the marks) will disappear.

  2. Left clicking on anywhere will close the opened screen (graveyard,…).

  3. In card log after clicking on the one card name and zooming on it , then clicking on the other card name immediately the new card will showed up in zooming format. (We don’t have to close zooming card in order to zoom on another card).

  4. Ability to change type or attribute of a card in manual duel when played cards like DNA surgeri and … .

5.ability to write some words about conditions we want from opponent ( something like: meta, fun, shaddol player).

  1. In game report system for offensive and toxic behavior or for players who leave the game in middle of it, especially in 2vs2 games.

  2. A punishment ( like they can not join server for a Predetermined period of time) for reported players.

Thank you!

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  1. Maybe
  2. This is not easy to do. We already tried it. Clicking anywhere on the field also requires a hitbox and can cause some other action to occur. This is why pressing ESC is the best way to close.
  3. See #2. Use the ESC. Although clicking on another card name, should already open a new zoomed card.
  4. You can already do this by clicking on the card and clicking the calculator function.
  5. Room notes are not good for several reasons. There are currently people already in edopro talking about several political things and NSFW things. Notes are abused in many ways. There are enough parameters in the game to show exactly what kind of duel you want. For anything else, you can use the #find-a-duel channel on discord to advertise a duel.
  6. Ranked duels are already penalizing those that leave the duel as a loss. There is no penalty for surrendering or leaving in the middle of a duel. It happens all the time. For toxic behavior, simply mute your opponent. Talking to the opponent is never required to duel.
  7. We do ban players but only if that player has been reported by multiple players to misbehave and this activity has been carried over to the discord server. A report system will lead to more problems with people abusing the report with false reports. It’s best to learn to mute the opponent and self-moderate. Toxicity doesn’t affect the outcome of a duel. You have the choice to respond or to mute.

Thank you for your perfect answer.
Hope your team and your game get better and better🌹