Soul of the Supreme Celestial King Bug

  1. Bug description

The Card Soul of the Celestial Supreme King Trap card has no prompt to activate even though my deck is loaded with the cards to summon Z-Arc and a Pendulum spellcaster monster with 2500Atk in the main monster zone. This bug seems to only appear every other duel and I’ve tried other simulators where it works. Sometimes it works by having Arcray Dragon in my Extra deck but it shouldn’t be needed since the trap allows me to summon Arcray or Z-Arc

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Special Summon Supreme King Gate Magician with whatever means
Activate the effect to add Soul of the Supreme Celestial King
Set and pass turn
After turn cannot activate card even though there are cards on opponent side and a prompt never shows where I can activate it
This has happened in test duels and live duels

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior

I should be able to activate the Trap with the decklist and conditions met, I would send Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, Crystal Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Odd-eyes Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and Odd-eyes Pendulum Dragon to use as materials for ZARC. These are cards that should meet the conditions.

  1. What OS are you using

Windows 10


Thank you for making a bug report.

Chances are you are using either the Local or the Test hand modes which is using an older version of the core. 3 days ago card that contain Tributing were affected by a change another team made that broke Omega’s core. The online core was able to be repaired and functions at this current time. But until the team forces a massive download on EVERYONE, the local and test hand core will still be broken.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but you can still perform the same testing by going online and hosting a private room and inviting the ai of your choice to the room.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on the #Omega_help channel in the Duelist Unite discord server.

I recreated the same board state in a live unranked duel and even swapped the cards with the original Synchro Dragon, Xyz Dragon, Fusion Dragon, and Pendulum Dragon. No prompt appears where I can trigger the trap card, even on my own turn.

I have the same issue, it is not working on tournament and unranked duel also.