Solved Yu-Gi-Oh´s problem. New Rules (Card tier list)


I have the solution for the current problem in yugioh, reguarding the “chaotic speed and lack of interaction in the game”.

Here is the solution.
Implement a official Yugioh Tier list. (From S, A, B tier etc)
Players are only allowed to have specificly ONE card in their deck from the entire S tier, TWO cards in thier deck from the A tier so on and so forth.
Not only will this restrict the amount of BOSS MONSTERS, SEARCHES and HAND TRAPS the fast meta decks can abuse, it will allow older decks to catch up since thier decks never surrounded the newer boss monsters in the first place.

With that said, decks are only allowed to contain 1x S-tier card and 2x A-tier cards in thier entier deck etc (inc extra deck).

For example: Players are not allowed to have both “Borreload Savage Dragon” and “Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss” in their deck because they would both be in the S tier. They would have to choose one of them.

The tier lists will be produced by official ygo pro staff members.