Solo Mode for Deck Testing

I’d like to suggest this idea. So I love deck building, and that’s where I spend most of my time when playing ygo omega. What would be nice is to have an offline room you can use right out of the deck building room. I know there is a button that allows this but it requires you to be online, which makes it more inconvenient because then you’d have to exit out of deck manager and log online then set up your own room to deck build and test. It’s also inconvenient when the servers are undergoing maintenance. What would be nice is if you could switch back and forth between the deck building screen and the duel screen. Say you build a deck, then run it in the duel simulator for a couple of seconds, then you realize you want this particular card in, you could switch over to the deck building screen, add that card, then switch back and restart the duel simulator.

Another thing for deck testing. It would be nice if there was more of a solo mode to this, no playing any AI bots or anything. Just a one sided field for you so that you can play around with your cards and get a feel of the deck you built. It would also be nice to add a reset feature so that say if you were practicing a specific combo sequence and mess up, you can just reset it and start with a new 5 card hand. Another thing is adding a feature that allows you to choose what you want to start off with in your first turn hand, again, helps to the deck testing thing, say if you wanted to practice a particular combo so you dont have to reset it constantly so you’d get the correct hand, if that makes sense. Those are my suggestions, thanks!

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Solo mode is best done in manual mode where you can move any card anywhere. Otherwise, you can just duel the AI in auto mode.

The bots that you can make when hosting do use some meta decks, just depends on what you get since the deck they choose to use is completely random.

What do you mean random? You can pick what you want. If it’s random, it’s because you chose random. There’s a dropdown box with all the AI decks.

wait whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :open_mouth: