Separate card sleeves for extra deck and main deck

Please make it so we can have different card sleeves for the extra deck.

There`s cases where that definitely would not work, as having some monster from extra deck and then using magical hats for example, targeting it.

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Tournament policy states that it is an option to put different colored sleeves on the extra deck for tournament play. This is not a requirement. It can be believed that the allowance for different sleeves is because it is easier to visually identify if there is an extra deck card in the main decks, which is an impossible game state.

However, since this is an automatic simulation this is not an issue.

Speaking from a UI point of view it would be much more difficult to assign extra deck sleeves and main decks sleeves. The current system relies on file names and deck names/deck tags. There isn’t a way to differentiate main decks from extra decks. This would most likely require a rework of the entire sleeve system.

All being said, as stated, having different sleeves can create odd situations with gameplay of cards.