look I want to ask you again to improve the scoring system, we are losing absurd amounts in a single defeat and gaining 5 points in a single victory, the game is wonderful, but the ranking is impossible to play, and I also wanted to warn you about bugs on paper and scissors, which is being carried out automatically without being configured for that and when choosing who goes first, we click to go first and we go second, it is reversing our choices, thanks and congratulations for the work.

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Sure, here is our ranking algorithm: YGO Omega's Ranking Algorithm - #2

Tell us how to improve it. We’re open to suggestions. You can win 5 times and then lose once and lose a lot of points. That’s simply because your first 5 victories are against weaker opponents. The loss was against someone weaker than you, so you lose more points. That’s how Elo works. That’s just math.

The only thing that can be done is to improve matchmaking so that you are matched to an opponent closer to your Elo score. If you are in the Silver bracket and lose to a player in Silver bracket, you won’t lose many points. However, that results in longer queue waiting times. Currently, the minimum queue wait time is 2 mins. That means within 2 minutes, it will match you with whoever is the closest to your Elo. To make the matchmaking faster, it allows a player to be matched outside the bracket (so Silver can vs Bronze). If Silver loses to Bronze, they lose a lot of points and drop back to Bronze.

This isn’t Duel Links where you win 5 times and each win is equal. Your wins and losses are not equal. They are based on the strength of your opponent. It’s how Elo has always worked. How fast you climb or fall is dependent on the K-factor.

As for the RPS, if a player doesn’t pick in 10 seconds, then it picks for you. The RPS is just random. As for the first/second, yea that’s a bug. We’re working on it.

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I understand, no problem, I give up, it’s not worth the effort.

as for the ranked system (elo awarding), perhaps increasing the queue time may help?. Lets say something exagerated as 5 min. Why? because then you will know, for sure, theres nobody that is the same rank as you and that you will face a player that is not in the same bracket as you are. You will have enough time to quit searching. I know, more or less, how elo works and yes, it depends on your opponent´s strength in relation to yours, but yugioh is not exactly the game in which you actually depend on yourself (as you would in a fighting game for example). You are tied to probabilities more than you would like to be. Perhaps this might be a good way to protect a bit more your elo.

We are going to tweak the matchmaking. The main problem was that players that were getting matched had a large difference in Elo. This led to faster matchmaking and shorter queues. Larger differences led to more loss of points for the player with the higher Elo if they lost. That is, a player from Silver bracket should match with another player from Silver, not Bronze. To do this, the queue time will increase, but this will lead to better matches.

Is it possible for the matchmaking algorithm to at least match you to a player that has the closest rating to yours? Because it is weird to win 4 matches straight and then just lose 1 match and all that increase from the winning matches just do not matter anymore. The deviation is just too high most of the time.

That depends on who is available on the queue. If we make it so that you can only match to opponents that are within 20% of your rating, you could be waiting forever in the queue. There has to be a trade-off between fast matchmaking and similar ranking.