Ranked Prizes are not balanced

The Ranked YGO Omega system is good, but the prizes aren’t. Because the only way to use points is by taking card rarities, that are too expensive. The suggestion is: or lower the prices of the card rarities or raise the prizes gained on every duel. There should be a system that prizes the player that earns new rankings like bronze to silver and end season prizes, proportional to the Elo of the player. It could be nice if exists a way to earn field themes buyable with those “coins” earned by winning ranked duels too. The players would be more incentived to grind Elo on YGO Omega instead a Master duel, for example.

There are already end of season rewards that are given based on the ranked bracket tier of the player.

The reward system is made to be hard. This isn’t master duel. There will also be another way to earn rewards in the future through tournaments.