Ranked for Master Duel format

I would like a ranked system for the Master Duel format.
There are multiple major problems with Master Duel’s ranked system.
If we can have a ranked system in Omega, there is nothing better.
I think many players are waiting for it.

There is no reason to have a ranked Master Duel format. Games like Duel Links and Master Duel are not a reflection of the actual card game. If Master Duel wasn’t an official game, no one would care. Omega is a simulator for the actual card game and so the ranked format reflects TCG and OCG. Master Duel does not have bo3 or the banlist that people use in real life. We cannot have ranked for everything. We need to limit our queues.

Nonetheless, Omega does offer tournaments for the Master Duel format that you can join with bo3 and the latest MD banlist.

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Thanks for the reply.
There seems to be a difference of opinion. The excitement of Master Duel is unstoppable, so much so that there is now a segment of the population that plays in that regulation in real life.
I am convinced that this is the right decision for the greatest number of users.
However, I am simply an individual. Please keep this as just one suggestion that is not important.
Thanks for reading.

Even if you could provide information on the details surrounding regulated play with numbers in the 100s, this is still not warranting a Ranked queue. The Automatic tournaments system allows for the announcement and gathering of individuals who want a competitive environment for a format. There is no reason to have, or believe in the need for, a 24/7 queue for a format is known as, and exists as a digital format, in an exclusive simulator.

The issues with “unique” format queues is that you have to have the number of players interested in that format at all hours of the day. Master duel has the advertising and the official stamp of approval that nets it the player base it does, even with the issues of its format and Best of 1 setup.

Even if we had the 100, even 200, members who you say are interested in this. It would be a major issue if they are available at different times of day. Even assuming 200 players playing every day that format, spread evenly, would mean that you’d have 8 players an hour on average in the queue. This doesn’t ensure optimal match making time, or even match making at all as these players could have wildly different rankings.

If there is a demand for competitive Master Duel play, you can find that in the various tournament series online hosted on both Master Duel itself and in the Duelist Unite discord server through Omega. The need for a queue just isn’t there, nor do we foresee it being needed ever.