Quick couple of suggestions

Hey, after playing for a short while there are two suggestions I have for the game, one easy and one not so easy

  1. let us toggle off field spells taking up the entire screen client-side, some of us like our playmats with our sleeves but I understand not everyone cares to see the other players’ playmats, so a client side option where it only toggles it off for you sounds like a nice solution (I like my dogmatika mat I dont wanna constantly look at magical meltdown while im playing) this is also a nice feeling for those who play more real life than other sims

  2. some sort of “smart chain” feature perhaps? something along the lines of the game knowing you would not want to activate a negate effect on your own cards (seen someone in lower rated ash their own monster LOL) idk how this could be implemented it can also save small amounts of time not having to constantly right click every time you or your opponent makes a move